Superficial Grounding is Not Enough

Superficial grounding is not enough; Clear yourself and get in your body.

Grounding is now a more mainstream topic and it is super important. We have heard, and now there are many scientific studies that confirm, that putting our feet in the Earth will solidify our foundation and soothe our stress.

Although grounding in the Earth can absolutely make us feel more relaxed and even revitalized, there is a portion of this effect that isn’t explained by the science attributed to the exchange of the ions. A portion of the “healing” we feel comes from the intention, and the conscious action we are initiating when grounding.

I question if there isn’t even more happening on the part of our caliber of consciousness, in addition to just the act of grounding.

Release, Anchor & Feel

When you ground, you are really seeking to integrate. Often you are told to release and anchor, or feel fully in your body when grounding. Although this makes sense and even has etheric truths, let’s take a moment and really dissect what “grounding” is.

Your soul will only be in your body to the degree you can handle any pain, trauma, unsettled emotions, or other woundings that haven’t been fully felt and healed from any space or time. When you are not in your body, you are not only opening space for someone else to occupy your vessel; you are also denying yourself the expression of living a grounded and aware life.

This is why releasing is so important in the grounding process.

You are releasing the stuck energy and emotions and then integrating your energy field and subconscious. Integrating cannot be done just by walking outside or gardening.

Having the intention and asking Source for what it is you need during your grounding session is the key.

As you begin to grow the habit of feeling what comes up, and calling on Source and your spiritual team when you need assistance, you will feel your energy shift, and witness discomfort turn to bliss. Seriously, sitting with your feelings until they break open into bliss, is a habit you will thank me for if you build on it.

Integration is the fullness of being grounded and wholly in your body.

When the feelings come up, don’t try to change a thing! Keep being in that moment and breathe. If sitting in your “stuff” isn’t something you can do, consider other alternatives.

When I was in a space of intense anger at one point in my life, I would use boxing and squats to outweigh the pain of my emotions. Although it wasn’t as therapeutic as some of the other methods I will address, if feeling pressure in the body helps you to focus on your breathing and release, go for it!

Kundalini Yoga is another tool you can use to release while focusing more in the body. The benefit of Kundalini Yoga is that there are tremendous healing benefits on all levels of your being. Another option is using essential oils. I use a brand highly tested for potency and purity. The oils can give you energetic support as they work on a vibrational level affecting the cells and all the systems in the body. They also increase mental clarity, emotional balance, and energetic grounding. I also use a vitamin with essential oils and have seen changes I didn’t even think were possible.

Of course, working with an energy worker is also extremely helpful when integrating. If you want to be able to house higher frequencies in your field, you may need some assistance getting clear enough to connect and anchor them in. A trained healer will be able to guide you to keep a caliber of awareness and a will to face your inner wounds head-on. These pains may have been carried over from other lives and agitated in this lifetime, none of this is actually you. Your healer will help you discover, release, and remove the frequencies so you can fully integrate your energy and begin to expand into the higher realms.

This expansion work is some of the most rewarding work I do.

Whether you choose to work with a trained healer, add tools such as Kundalini Yoga or essential oils, or develop a ritual on your own, remember to ground on a regular basis. Get your feet on the Earth, set your intentions to release, and ask Source for assistance.

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HariManit Love

AUTHOR: HariManit Love is an OSYL Multidimensional Healer, Divine Teacher, & Cosmic Oracle. She is a Channel of Grace, Kundalini Gong Yogi, and Essential Oils Vibrational Healing Practitioner. Using all of her unique gifts, she helps sort through the chaos to help you find clarity by shining light into the darkness.

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