February Astrological Forecast: Giving Birth

“Life is a labor pain. We are giving birth to ourselves.”

With the eclipses done and over, and the close of another chapter of our lives, there is now a big, often forceful release of who we are and who we want to be.

We are granted one true gift of cosmic grace amid all of the chaos and turmoil in the world right now. All of the planets are direct motion during February. This greatly aids our push forward with whatever we hope to accomplish.

All planets in direct motion during February.

Use this uncomplicated energy to your best advantage, especially as March will not be as smooth.

One of my favorite quotations is, “Life is a labor pain. We are giving birth to ourselves.” Continuously. Growing and developing. Our change and evolution do not stop with high school or college graduation. It is a continual “unfolding of the soul” as Carl Jung says. This is especially true during February 2019.

Labor Pains

As February begins, Motivating Mars challenges Pluto in traditional ♑️Capricorn. Mars is cycling through its own sign warrior ♈️Aries. It drives us into new and uncharted territory, breaking down barriers and refusing to take no for an answer, while Pluto in staid Capricorn turns over systems and functions in our lives, what works and what doesn’t work.

These are labor pains.

The planetary clash serves to bring all new life.  

You will feel this.  

As Mars approaches Radical Uranus in the final degrees of ♈️Aries, the two increasingly push strong, unmistakable methods and events to get our attention. We are awakening.

Meanwhile, all the ideas generated by Mercury in highly inventive ♒️Aquarius take form as Venus moves into concrete ♑️Capricorn on the 4th. The timing is perfect, as cosmic timing always is, as this coincides with the 🌑New Moon the very same day!

Visualize your wishes, plant or cast your wishes in moving water, remembering to express gratitude for all you are and all you have.  

Gratitude opens the gates for you to receive.  It is the key.  

It’s all business

Saturn rules business, structure, and function while Venus is ❤️love, 💰money, and relationships. Relationships will now take on a firmer, more businesslike demeanor. This is a sensational placement for working partnerships and building what you intend to manifest; however, not the warmest. What it does succeed at is building relationships that last, that have solid foundations and structure, and… abundant earning potential.  

Over the next few weeks, Venus gradually conjoins heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto infusing a seriousness to our days. We are heading into the BIG PUSH, the delivery of new life, new stages and phases of our lives, new levels of consciousness.  

It is breathtaking. Actually though.

Breakthroughs & Breakdowns

From February 10th-14th, Motivating Mars tightly conjoins Radical Uranus in fiery ♈️Aries for the final time for the next 80 years.

This is highly 💥combustible, unpredictable energy.

Whether you are bringing new life to a project, long-held dream, or higher aspect of yourself, this is a no-holds-barred breakthrough time. It is rife with instability and meant to throw us off course, as a test of our metal, strength, power, faith, and/or to align us with our true path. Uranus rules anything sudden or shocking. Accidents too…

Uranus is the Great Awakener and Mars in its own sign of ♈️Aries drives ahead heedless of any obstacles in the way. Whatever seeks to come through you now, will.

There is also a significant cautionary note to this stretch of time: if someone or some aspect of your life is not working, it may be abruptly removed as part of a major course correction. Expect surprises (joyful and not), shocks, wild Ah-Ha moments, and yes, accidents.

Not for the faint of heart, this week is ripe with the unpredictable in any possible way.

If you are off path in your life (even if you do not know/believe you are) watch for breakdowns. The great news is all of the planets in sturdy ♑️Capricorn now help us to stand right back up.

If you have been slogging away trying to accomplish a task, solve a long-term problem or seeking solutions: this is your week.

Breakthroughs abound.

Scientists and artists will glow with joy. ❤️Valentine’s Day and the weekend following are awesome for 💍proposing or going on a date.

A caution here: watch for 🔥fire. Turn off all space heaters, cigarettes/cigars, fires in fireplaces, barbecues, stoves, dryers, and heat born appliances. Do not leave your residence with the washer or dryer or other appliances running. Check your electrical wiring/outlets especially if building or renovating a house. Uranus rules electricity and accidents, so the first two weeks of February are particularly charged.

Also, drive with caution.

We can be a bit absent-minded now, so it is especially important to pay attention and be present. Messenger Mercury enters ♓️Pisces on February 10th, and while this is wonderful for artists, writers, and spiritual pursuits, we can be deeply distracted the middle weeks of the month.

Keeping our feet on the ground while our heads may be in the clouds, Mars enters earthy ♉️Taurus on the 14th. Taurus is the “show me the money” sign. It rules our personal assets, money and how we earn it. Life gets real very quickly and we will feel the stock market or our personal bank accounts roil.

More of this to come in March, however, financial astrologers have predicted that 2019 will see a bear market for stocks and trading. Good to know now to protect your assets!

Chiron in Aries - FEARLESS

Leading into the 🌕Full Moon on February 19th, healer Chiron re-enters pioneering ♈️Aries. Last year, Chiron stuck a toe into the warrior sign from April-September 2018. Now, on February 18th, Chiron leaves mystical ♓️Pisces for good, completing a passage it began in 1968!

This is a pivotal movement even for those who weren’t alive then. Chiron rules the wounds we carry. Once we heal our wounds, we are then able to share the healing with others simply by being a more whole, awakened and complete version of ourselves.

The turmoil of the late 1960s really kicked into high gear with Chiron’s entrance into fiery ♈️Aries. Women literally burned their bras, threw in their dish towels and said enough; huge protests against the Vietnam War erupted (Aries rules war and Chiron says: heal thy wounds); Watergate brought down a government; youth claimed their independence from repressive establishment and customs. Those born during this era 1968-77 carry Chiron in Aries in their cosmic DNA. Thus, the children we bear carry it as well.

Chiron in Aries is fearless.

It is entirely unafraid to go after (attack even) what no longer works for the greater good. Purely idealistic, this energy asks why and why not? It seeks the highest and best for us as individuals and for us all as a collective. It will literally climb over or blast through any obstacle in front of it.  

Simply put: it will not take no for an answer.  

The current freshman class in the United States House of Representatives is a terrific example of Chiron in Aries. They don’t care what you think of them; some will even bait the establishment into crossing lines and saying what shouldn’t be uttered.

Full ❄️SNOW Moon 

This bold and brazen energy is encoded into the 🌕Full Moon the next day, February 19th, daring us to March forward with what we thought impossible only days, months, or years before. Time to lay down the load you have carried, the family myths and belief systems that said no, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t…  You will actually feel the fires of your soul being stoked. Answer its calling.

Say yes to what you know without a doubt to be true.

We will feel every inch of this 🌕Full Moon.

The energy is less about striking a pose than about taking up the arms of your life, daring to live fully, knowing no bounds.

You are the instrument of your life, no one else.

You hold the keys AND the power.

All systems are GO.

We are indeed giving birth to ourselves.

Time to push.

AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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