HariManit Love

Multidimensional Healer, Divine Teacher, & Cosmic Oracle

Channel of Grace, Kundalini Gong Yoga, Essential Oils Vibrational Healing Practitioner


“Crown Thyself”

Inhale. Take all your pain and worry and send it into the Earth, knowing Gaia, Mother Earth, will transmute it for you. I know you are challenged. I know the light in your heart has possibly gone dim.

Are you reading this because you feel stuck, lost, and angry? Are you possibly even questioning God? If so, know that you are safe here, you are held here, and you have my full attention. One of my Soul purposes is to stand with you, to help reignite the truth of your being.

Space and time are limitless. My personal belief is that we incarnate in lifetimes to grow, to learn, and to ascend as humans, moving toward a more enlightened state of being. I also know that we all experience this differently. Please take comfort in the message that whatever you are experiencing right now is purposeful.

The Earth is shifting into the Golden Age, and all Beings are processing this transition. You are not alone, even though some days it may feel that way. Actually, these tumultuous times of transition are the perfect moments to assess your relationships, your spiritual discipline, and most importantly, how you relate to yourself. Chaos initiates change, and during this chaos, all that remains buried within the layers of your Being will emerge to the surface, asking for your awareness and permission to heal.

This is the work I came here to do, to help sort through the chaos and help you to find clarity by shining light into the darkness. Working with your Spiritual Counsels, I help you release any frequencies that do not belong to you. These foreign energies dull your inner knowing and make it difficult for you to navigate your day-to-day experience.

Your life can shift. It can be filled with more awareness, greater connectedness, and lasting peace. I want to be the one to help you transition to that place. As unique as each one of us is, we are all human. Being human means having a multitude of experiences, including spiritual experiences. Now is the time to release all that does not serve you and allow the flow of bliss through your being. Awaken to your Divinity. I am Harimanit Love, and I am called to be your guide; work with me and let’s unveil your true self, your powerful inner healer.



For a limited time, HariManit will offer Lenormand or Oracle card pulls supporting 1-3 questions. You will receive a 5-minute video response via email within 48 hours of booking.

Multidimensional Coaching & Clarity

Multidimensional Healing

Let HariManit Love tune into your energy field and connect to your powerful Spiritual Councils. Together they will reveal what your soul is ready to release, so you can overcome any confusion or challenges you are facing.

During your multidimensional healing session, HariManit Love will connect with your Spiritual Councils, a gathering of Guardian Angels, Spirit Beings or Guides who are present to support you. The mission of these Beings is to help you harness and draw from the energies aligned to your highest good and most desired destiny.

With the support and guidance received from your Spiritual Councils, HariManit Love assesses your present situation, and identifies the energies your Soul is ready to release or heal. She then offers clarity about the situation, challenge, or lesson that you are working through, along with the Divine guidance and recommendations she received on your behalf. Lastly, she will help you move forward with extensive energy clearing, Divine insight, and suggestions to help you integrate with ease and Grace.


Monthly Clearing Gallery

Monthly Group Healings

Join others in an uplifting space for transformation and deep clearing! Together we will awaken our truths, release our past hurts or pains, and anchor more light into our vessels.

Joining in a group multiplies the intention, available energy, and possibles for a deeper soul level healing. This clearing is for people who are ready to commit to their caliber of consciousness in a simple way.

In a group clearing, HariManit Love will discuss the topic of focus and how that shows up energetically in our lives. She will then connect to the group energy and councils to begin assessing what is coming up to clear for everyone. This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with her in an easily affordable way and commit to your most benevolent path and a higher caliber of consciousness.


30-Day Clearing & Prayer List


Join HariManit Love on a month-long adventure of transformation and healing as you build a stable energetic foundation and solidify your caliber of consciousness! The New Year is approaching and this is the perfect way to commit to yourself while ringing in the new year!

Creating a personal practice isn't easy, yet so required right now. During this changing of the times, everyone needs to be in a space of light and love resonance, housing the highest light possible in their beings. If you have trauma, financial woes, or relationship issues this will be a challenge. But you don’t have to do it alone!

HariManit will call your soul in at 3AM every morning and work on you in the ethers with her High Councils and Healing Masters. Together they will transform your energy field, give attunements, and help heal what is held on your heart.

“I welcome you to join me as we echo through the universe that light resides here!” ~ HariManit Love


Mentorship Program

Cosmic Mentorship