What is a Spiritual Council?

We all have the ability to connect and become more aware.

When you think of a spiritual council, what comes to mind?

Some of you may be wondering what I am referring to, while others of you are thinking this is only for select psychics or occultists. Although those types of people may utilize the truth that there are etheric beings excited to help support us, councils are not reserved only for them.

Spiritual Councils are groups of beings that are not in physical body and are looking to assist us.

spiritual council, raised vibration

Since we are seeking more light and alignment, we seek assistance from beings of light. These higher consciousness beings come in all levels of light, frequency, vibration, and skill variance.

You may be wondering why I mention their skills. Just like us incarnated beings, they too are diverse in skill set and knowledge. You may encounter beings who have lived on Earth, those that are more angelic, or those from other star systems. No matter who comes to you, all beings on the other side of the veil have their own level of consciousness and growth experience to share.

Although at different polarities and consciousness, beings require various exchanges for etheric support. In the case of realms of higher light, your loving radiance is all they seek to serve and assist us.

spiritual support teams

The beings that love and support you in true “service to others” are watching us develop this realm on Earth in ways that will shatter the history books. Because you have decided to incarnate at this time of tremendous upheaval, you have so much support in the higher realms.

They are waiting for us to call on them and that is all you really have to do. To truly utilize these beings or the power of Source, feel your prayers and request with a knowingness that all is being sorted out for your highest good and the good of all as we initiate more light and vibrance here.

The one caveat to this is that you must ASK! If you don’t ask, the teams of light cannot interfere as we all have free will.

We often see those who use their power of connection and spirituality as being someone special or gifted, when in reality, we all have the ability to connect and become more aware. Please know you have profound power as a creator being.

You can start with baby steps to develop a better relationship with the beings supporting you now. I would suggest also starting a conversation with a regular meeting. We dedicate time to make money and look our best, but how much effort do we put into keeping up with the Source of existence?

None of this happens overnight, nor should it.

As you develop and strengthen the bonds between you and Source, or any team you create, you will be more aware of them and the assistance they are providing you.

Wait… you want to know how to create your council? Follow the 3 Steps to Creating a Spiritual Council HERE.

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