Bianca Mastrototaro BIO

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, MIND, BODY, and SOUL

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and spending time in the “nerdy” corporate world, Bianca discovered that her true calling was elsewhere. She tapped into herself and learned to rely on her intuition as a guide. She turned away from what society deemed “appropriate,” and when she did, a magical path revealed itself.

Her journey ignited when she found and began embracing Native American Shamanic work. She then received professional training under Denise Linn’s ‘Elemental Space Clearing’ course and learned the Native American traditions of energy clearing. After falling in love with transforming the energy in environments, Bianca went on to find Feng Shui. She became a certified Feng Shui consultant under Tisha Morris.

Over time, Bianca realized that her clients didn’t just need the energy in their homes cleared and healed. She understood that what they truly needed was multifaceted; they needed healing for the body, mind, and home. To truly achieve their desires, they needed a soul transformation.

Learning about the ancient Chinese traditions added to the burning fires within Bianca. She fell in love with using the elements in the home, implementing the knowledge of supporting her client’s dominant elements, and helping to right other imbalances they might be experiencing. She decided to further her studies in the ancient Chinese arts and found Traditional Chinese Medicine and Flower Essences. Bianca now uses all of her mastered modalities together, offering comprehensive healing for body, soul and home.

Bianca knows that she is called to help those who feel resistance and blocked from moving forward in their lives. Her clients come to her for many reasons, including feeling trapped in their homes, unhappy with their health, and unable to manifest their desires. They know deep down that something doesn’t feel right, whether it be in their home or within themselves.

Now Bianca fully embodies the titles of Home Energy Clearer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Chinese Herbalist, and Flower Essence Practitioner. She helps her clients unchain from their past, and works with them to dig deep and illuminate the root causes of what isn’t working in their life.  Through her work, Bianca paves the way for spiritual development, a deepening of self-worth, and an increase of wellbeing in their lives.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your BODY, MIND, HOME and SOUL