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Reflective Resonance Akashic Healing

The Vision is Mine, the Messages are Yours...

Reflective Resonance™ is a powerful connection to your Highest Self, or in other words, the part of you who is not weighed down by others expectations of you, by your career, your family, by your obligations and your worries. This powerful energetic connection will help you understand the messages the Universe is wanting you to hear.

Let Laurie-Elle help you hear the messages that are waiting for you, and begin to peel back the energetic layers keeping you from experiencing the joy, the abundance and the peace that is intrinsically yours.

I found Laurie’s Reflective Resonance Reading to be insightful and nothing short of amazing. I was expecting the ‘same old’ style and what I received left me awestruck. She saw issues that are really deep inside that I never acknowledged. Her message was inspiring and challenging to me. I encourage everyone interested to request a reading.
— Yoli Redero

Who will benefit from a Reflective Resonance™ Akashic Healing?

You will benefit from a Reflective Resonance Healing™

  • If you are feeling trapped in your life circumstances and want to FREE yourself from attachments to the people, ideas and life circumstances that might be holding you back.

  • If you are suffering from emotional or physical trauma and want to experience a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER way of living.

  • If you are struggling with the relationships in your life and would like to move away from suffering and move toward experiencing more JOY.

  • If you would like to remove energetic blocks that are preventing you from accessing the ABUNDANCE all around you.

  • If you simply want direction and to connect with the part of you closest to the Divine, to hear the messages and information meant for you.

After working with Laurie, I had a deep shift in how I related to the world, and to myself. I’m now in a place of deeper peace and understanding with my past.

Let Laurie-Elle help you hear the messages that are waiting for you, and begin to peel back the energetic layers keeping you from experiencing the joy, the abundance and the peace that is intrinsically yours.

What is a Reflective Resonance™ Healing?

Your energy tells a story; I am guided to hear that story and share it with you.
— Laurie-Elle

During your Reflective Resonance™ session, I connect to your energy and I channel the messages that are meant for you to hear. I make the connection to your Spirit team, your Higher Self or Spiritual Guides, and often times, I will see the energy of the Tarot too. Together, an amazing story comes to life for you. The messages I receive during your reading are not mine but YOURS. They are your voice, your Soul, and your Spirit. I simply tap into these voices and present them to you in a way that your Guides and Higher Self know will resonate with you.

Via this energetic connection to your Higher Self, Guides, and the energetic messages from the Tarot, you will not only learn the divine information that is waiting for you, but you will experience a clearing of any unhealthy energy that is blocking you from moving forward on your Soul’s journey. You may even feel this clearing as movement within the Chakras, energy centers, in your body during or after the session.

In addition, I also access your Akashic Records when I am connected to you. Through the powerful and clear messages of your personal Book of Records, your Spirit Team may reveal if there are any karmic contracts or traumatic events in your life that have left indelible energetic memories and or etheric cords behind.

  • Etheric cords are the result of unhealthy energetic attachments to memories, incidents, or to specific people.

  • The events described in your reading may have been a result of actual trauma, or they may be linked to karmic events, agreements, and debts that you have to those around you or the Universe itself.

  • Also, while connected to the Akashic Records, sometimes your team will reveal past lifetime connections that relate to current day issues you may be experiencing. If this is the case, your past life energy and connection to that time will be healed, whenever possible, so that you can be free from the attachment to that past life.

Reflective Resonance™ Healing acts as an energetic catalyst to help propel you in a new direction. The healing within the session sparks the shift in your energy to help take you from where you presently are, to a state of being where you can experience more more joy, more abundance, and a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Reflective Resonance™ Healing will help you transform the hopeful intentions you hold for yourself into your truth, and your Higher Self will guide me to where and how you need to “let go”!

The bottom line is that you don't need to feel hopeless, trapped, or confused about how to move forward. The Universe has beautiful intentions for us that can be realized once we're connected to our Highest Self, and I am here to help you awaken to this possibility and transform this knowing into your new reality. Let's align with your life purpose and ignite the divinely-intended path before you.

Thanks to Laurie, I am now in a much more positive energy and like waves, it propagates around me. I definitely recommend a reading with Laurie. It is a gift that you owe yourself.
— Danielle, Israel

Let Laurie-Elle help you hear the messages that are waiting for you, and begin to peel back the energetic layers keeping you from experiencing the joy, the abundance and the peace that is intrinsically yours.

Where, When and How?


Once you've completed your purchase for a Reflective Resonance™ Healing, the fun can begin! You'll be surprised at how little is really needed on your part to allow your Higher Self and Guides to share their messages with you! During the checkout process, I will ask for your current name, your full birth name and birthdate. I will also request you to send me a photo so that I may be able to visualize you during the healing!

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email confirming your reading. Most readings will take place between 3-5 days of your original request.

The Experience

Your presence is not necessary during the time I connect with your Higher Guides. Infact, I conduct the majority of my Reflective Resonance™ sessions very early in the morning, so depending on your time zone, you may be at home sleeping, or you may even be active or working, when I perform your session. Either situation is fine. I don’t need you to do anything, with the exception of being open to receiving the messages and healing from your Angels and benevolent Guides.

When I conduct your Healing Reading, I connect to you energetically, and I am shown what your Higher Self wants you to know and how you can best heal. During the reading, as I am connected to you, information about the state of your energy will be gathered. Your Higher Self often describes a complete story to me, as to how and why this energy has become problematic. Sometimes the problematic areas are a result of recent events, but other times the issues may have originated many years ago, or even in a previous lifetime.

I remain connected to your energy for approximately 60-90 minutes. During this time, I verbally record or document by hand, word for word, the messages I receive on your behalf.

It is not uncommon for you to "feel" me when I work on you remotely, especially if you are sensitive to energy. Some people do experience physical sensations during and after the healing is complete, particularly when I work heavily on a specific energetic area within your body. These sensations mostly resolve themselves within a day or so. I do encourage clients to be very gentle and loving with themselves post healing, especially on the actual healing day. You will want to drink plenty of water and keep yourself protected from harsh music, violent or distressing television shows, or other heavy or dense energy. You may also experience increased dream activity in the days that follow your healing. This is a way for your subconscious self to process and integrate the healing fully.


It is essential you practice self-care after your reading has occurred!

Immediately after the reading, I send you a quick email so you may be assured that the reading has happened. Within two to five business days from your reading, I will send you a detailed account of what your Higher Self wants you to know. I send you the audio file, documenting word for word the messages I received on your behalf. I also include in the email the Oracle cards drawn for you, Tarot cards that may have been represented during your healing, information about the Chakras - your energy centers - that we worked on, and a list of books and reference materials recommended for you. This personalized report email is yours to keep and refer to at any time in the future! It includes a written interpretation of the meanings of all Tarot cards and a step-by-step explanation of which areas of your body/energy were worked on. *A written transcription of your audio report is also available for an additional administrative fee. You can order that at anytime.

The journey you took me on is one of self discovery and healing. Now - the sun is brighter, the music is clearer, the water is purer. You helped me to look in the mirror and see the real me I didn’t even know existed - then face her and embrace her :) This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
— Lorie, CT

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Let Laurie-Elle help you hear the messages that are waiting for you, and begin to peel back the energetic layers keeping you from experiencing the joy, the abundance and the peace that is intrinsically yours.

Your healing includes:

  • A fully detailed audio report of all the messages I received on your behalf from your Higher Self

  • A supplemental email report detailing the Oracle cards drawn for you, Tarot cards that were presented to me during the connection, details of the Chakra points and parts of your body that were cleared, and supporting information to help you intellectually connect with the energetic healing work conducted on your behalf