What's my Moon Sign... and what does it say about me?

Many of us are familiar with our Sun sign. We will occasionally read our horoscope in newspapers, magazines or online. Sometimes these messages ring true and other times, not so much. At parties, someone may casually mention he is a Taurus or Sagittarius. But often, that is the extent of their zodiac knowledge.

Yes, in astrology, our Sun sign is paramount. It represents our identity and self, and, how we direct our will. It is our vitality.

However, there is much more to our own personal horoscope. Each planet, from the Moon to Pluto, is in a particular sign and house at the moment of our birth. Together, these comprise our astrological chart.   

Along with the rising sign, or ascendant, the moon by sign, house, and phase carries equal weight to the Sun in any astrology reading.  

The rising sign is our mask, how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us.

The Moon, by contrast, is our emotional interior, our feelings, how we interpret and digest stimulus on the deepest level.  

Only when we are very, very at ease, do we show our Moon and relate to others with it. We share our Moon, our true feelings only with those we love and trust such as family members and very old, dear friends.

  • With anyone new to us, we typically present our rising sign.

  • If they pass muster and we feel we can relate to them, we ease into our Sun sign.

  • Once we know them for a while, have enough trust to relax in their company, we take off our outer layers and reveal our Moon sign, our vulnerable, soft, emotional self.

In astrology, the moon rules our mother, family, how we parent or nurture, food, cooking, home, our house/dwelling, biological inheritance (genetic and shared resources), and psychological roots.

Psychologically, what triggers emotions, trigger thoughts, then trigger actions. So it is a wise man who knows himself and how he will react from his deepest places: his heart. When feelings are steered deftly, and with maturity, our thoughts follow suit, followed by our choices: what we do. When we understand our emotional triggers, we can detach and make healthier decisions. No small thing this.

So then, what is your moon sign?

It may be calculated from the time and date of your birth. This will also show your moon phase, indicating how you connect to and engage with the world. New Moon people are different from Full Moon folks are different from Dark of the Moon fellows.

For now, let’s stick to Moon Signs. Here are the ways each zodiac sign taps into their feelings:

Aries Moon

Aries moon:

Initiating, pioneering, brave, courageous, warrior, impulsive, rash, heroic, rescuing, champion, fierce.

Taurus Moon

Taurus moon:

Values, worth, money, skills, talents, down to earth, stubborn, resilient, realistic, return on investment, artistic, sensual.

Gemini Moon

Gemini moon:

Data driven, charming, versatile, flexible, mental, intellectual, detached, persuasive, argumentative, curious.

Cancer Moon

Cancer moon:

Nurturing, comforting, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, empathic, intuitive, overly sensitive, moody

Leo Moon

Leo Moon:

Creative, optimistic, festive, playful, loud, charismatic, athletic, overly dramatic, generous, spirited, passionate, proud

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon:

Precise, analytical, perfectionist, detailed, service, health and work oriented, routine, habits, patterns, efficient, practical

Libra Moon

Libra moon:

Balanced, gracious, artistic, relating, charming, diplomatic, fair, judgmental, overly concerned with others, easily persuaded, engaging

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moon:

Psychological, suspicious, hidden, concealing, passionate, sexual, regenerative, layered, spiteful, deeply sensitive, the detective

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius moon:

Adventurous, curious, understanding, searching, spiritual, optimistic, bellowing, honest, truthful, casual

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn moon:

Pragmatic, grounded, responsible, honorable, dignified, cold, calculating, structured, ambitious, formal, reserved

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius moon:

Interested, inventive, detached, aloof, different, outre, resistant, ingenious, unusual, group-oriented, connecting

Pisces Moon

Pisces moon:

Mystical, inspired, dreamy, musical, spiritual, selfless, intuitive, hypersensitive, compassionate, believing, trusting

Once you identify your moon sign, you may also learn where it falls in your astrological chart by house and phase. These three elements signify how you relate and connect with yourself and others and initiate your work in this world.  

The moon is our psychology. No matter what your relationship to her, the moon represents our mother, the earliest and most formative of our relationships. The moon is primal. Regardless of sign, house or phase, the placement of our moon indicates how we nurture... every one and everything, from ourselves, to friends and loved ones, to any ideas, projects or products we create.  

From your moon, all creative energy flows.

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