How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

Do you own any crystals? How did you select the ones you have? Did you choose them based on color or appearance? Do you know what type of stone they are, and healing or spiritual properties are associated with them?

I personally LOVE all crystals. I literally cannot get enough of them. It's not just their beauty that I am attracted to, but I am also fascinated with their vibrations and healing properties. As a recently awakened clairsentient (I can feel energy), it is amazing to me to feel the pull, tingles and energy fields from different crystals.

The following article is a republished guest post from Our Sight Your Light's friend and certified Crystal Healer, Jessie Angel. She has a "sparkly love affair" with crystals, an extensive knowledge of the metaphysical properties of crystals, along with a collection of healing crystals for every purpose. We hope to bring you on a journey as we continue to learn more and more about crystals and their healing energy.

How to Choose a Crystal - by Jessie Angel

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Choosing a crystal doesn't have to be challenging. The secret is to let go of your thoughts, and let the crystal that will most benefit you, call out to you.  

Can't resist these gemmy kyanite blades?  Me neither!  And they are great for bringing balance... just what I need in my life!

Let the crystals decide.  

What do I mean by this?  I mean, forget about what you read in a book, or an online article. Forget what I'm telling you right now. Because, there is no wrong way to choose a crystal.

Your intuition will guide you.

Say you are walking on the beach, and you glance down, and there are rocks and shells scattered all along the shore. Yet there is one rock, one lovely white rock, gleaming in the tide, and your hand is drawn straight to it.  You pick it up, and slip it in your pocket, its weight feels comforting against your thigh. When you get home, you put the rock on the table, and you pull out your crystal guide. You discover that, lo and behold, this rock is known for carrying exactly the kind of healing energy you need right now! How did you know? You couldn't have known. And yet, magically, you did know. 

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Perhaps it was the Law of Attraction.  Perhaps it was fate. Maybe the crystal called to you because it knew it could help?

Do you need to know how it works? Because, it does work.  Like a magnet, you will be drawn to the crystal you need to work with most. Go into a store...see what catches your eye. See what crystal you pick up, and do not want to set down again. And...go with it!  Take it home. 

This method sounds so simple, but it works.  Time and again, I have selected the perfect crystal this way...

Good luck! And, happy crystal hunting! Let me know if this method of crystal choosing is helpful to you, or if you have any tips you'd like to share!  :)
much love,
Jessie A.