Full Moon January 1, 2018 - One Huge Birthday Candle On Top Of Our Collective Cake

The End?

Do you recall the major hoopla surrounding the year 2012? This was the year of the official end of the Mayan calendar, and many interpreted that to mean the END OF THE WORLD.

Well, we are still here, so that interpretation of the END may not have been correct, but I do believe that there was an actual end that year, it was an end to an outdated way of living, an end to an ancient civilization, an old school of thought, an outdated perspective on life. That end has emerged in our everyday life as a shift in society and culture if you will.


So what changes emerged as a result of that ending back in 2012, when the old ways came to an end? Well, I believe that many generally accepted notions of what and how things are supposed to “be” and “look” reached an end. An example of that is the noticeable shift in the presence of masculine energy, as well as the rebirth and rise of feminine energy. This is not to say that women are taking over the world, but things ARE changing in the male / female dynamic. I imagine that the end game now is for both men and women to live a greater balance between their masculine and feminine energies.

Also in 2012, more people began to wake up and ask questions about Spirituality. Many people began to move away from their societal fears and instead began to truly acknowledge their innate gifts, like intuition, the presence of psychic abilities, the ability to channel, and we saw a gradual return among many as to how they sought power. Now more people were starting to seek their power from within instead of frantically searching outside of themselves for answers. We also saw an resurgence, a great “coming out of the closet”, for many holistic practitioners. More and more people were not only acknowledging that their “superpowers” existed, but also fearlessly shedding the veils they’ve worn for years to keep those “superpowers” underwraps.


If 2012 represented the conception of this new era, then 2017 was the birth. I feel and see that the new energies have firmly arrived on the planet. I’m referring to ascension energies, and I know that I’m not the only one experiencing or sensing them. Conversations among many circles of both women and men are no longer limited to the surface jargon of the weather, sports or recipes. For many, our common conversations are now about manifesting, creating, divine will, non-duality, intuition, non separation, ascension, truth and beauty, meditation, living with an open heart, practicing and expressing daily gratitude, adding to the the collective consciousness, and so forth.  I hear people talking about Kundalini energies, personal power, authentic awareness, questioning reality, time and space, and looking at them through a new lens, dissolving old familial and ancestral constructs, wanting to understand who the Ascended Masters are, opening to the idea of reincarnation and the very real possibility of visiting and understanding our past lives, opening and reading of the Akashic records, and understanding and embracing our “empathic ways”, instead of apologizing for our increased sensitivity.

And sure, I acknowledge that these topics are probably more common to me, as I actively sought to surround myself with the people having these conversations.  But prior to 2012, ideas such as these were almost considered tabu, but not any more. In the past year, at least in my circles, they are now commonplace.

Another indication that this new era is upon us is in how our society now views holistic healing and remedies. It is amazing to see just how deeply society is wanting to heal.  Trends focused on viewing life through a new perspective can be seen in the introduction and availability of mainstream homeopathic medicinal products, healing herbs, rejuvenating essential oils, and CBD oils, as well as the increase in the availability of practitioners who offer massage, chiropractic medicine, yoga, meditation and alternative counseling. How about the shift in our eating habits? Have you seen the selection of organic foods that are now offered in stores like Target? More people are looking into plant based eating, focusing on eating more leafy greens and less meat.

Now it's more commonplace than not for people to seek some sort of guidance from a “spiritual practitioner”, I mean, who hasn’t consulted a medical intuitive, or received a psychic reading, at least for a second opinion, or a confirmation? Look at the astronomical rise in the number of life coaches, numerologists, human design people, Reiki Masters, HeartMath stress reduction coaches, energy workers, light workers, and even hypnotherapists!  As far as I can tell, it’s all just exploded. 

If you also take a good look at technology, you can see how it is mimicking our Spiritual evolution - the availability of affordable and far reaching technology is allowing us to be more connected than ever, both physically, and in the ether.  

Remarkably, the presence of Spirituality and increased awareness has permeated so many aspects of our society. You don't have to look further than the local movie theater or school for confirmation of that. Who has seen the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi?  What ‘force” do you think they are talking about?  And do you know what makes that so cool? It is that the message of the FORCE is being heard by millions, and many are opening up to it for the first time. Also, what about the explosion of mindfulness in education training? Wow! Who would have ever thought that meditation rooms and deep breathing exercises would take the place of in house suspension rooms and detention hall?

Our Spiritual landscape is changing like never before.  Look how neuroscience and quantum physics have advanced science into spirituality.  This is human evolution.  But you don’t have to read the latest articles about quantum physics or neuroscience to relate to these shifts, just simply look more closely at the changes in our societal norms, some subtle and some quite blatant, these are the shifts happening all over the world.


In 2018, we will start to experience even more expansion, more powerful ascension energies, and more awakening.  People who are new to these concepts, or haven’t really been aware of the shifts in energy that are available to them, may feel some level of confusion. But from this confusion, I anticipate that the global conversation will expand and become even more enlightened.

If you are in a career field that embraces these new energies, and you are already using your gifts, expect to become more focused, more connected, and more confident. Don’t doubt it for one moment, your gifts are needed. If you are here to serve, the time is upon us to serve.


I come back to where this article began, the end of an era and the beginning of endless possibilities. If you still aren’t able to fully understand or see my perspective about all of this, I ask for you to consider our human understanding of evolution and the adaptive powers we’ve experienced in the history of the human race. Think back and consider the eons of time it took for fish to grow legs in order to adapt to the environment, and how long it took for monkeys brains to grow in size and capacity to become evolved beings. The bottom line is that evolution has been painfully slow; however, the evolutionary process itself is exponential.

I believe what we are experiencing now is modern day evolution. This is how our planet and the human race is evolving; we are coming into our own Divinity. Not that our Divinity hasn’t always been present, but I believe we are finally open to accepting and receiving it more fully. If we really analyze the changes our world is experiencing now, you can see that evolution is literally exploding right before our eyes- with no end in sight - that is because there is no “real” end, but alas, that is for another blog. Change is happening so fast, that we are not only witnessing it, but being called to respond to that change accordingly. However, if we aren’t careful and we stay “asleep”, we risk the possibility of missing out on being an active part of this evolutionary phenomena. We don’t want “evolution” to pass us by for another lifetime. My advice? I say, don’t let it pass you by, but jump in with two feet and be a part of it, open to the creation of your own experience.

What I find even more exciting about this time is that we are falling in love with ourselves, and coming to see that this love is our platform for living.  More and more, I see the masses trusting in the power of prayer, in manifesting, and in creating our own realities. We are evolution! In the past, we’ve looked to wise men, sages and enlightened ones who came before us, such as Jesus, Buddha, and the Rumi's of the world.  But now, we all have the opportunity, the gift, the insight, the power, to truly and fully step into the divine light and love that we already are.

Next Steps

One Huge Birthday Candle on our Collective Cake

With 2018 upon us, we are now one full year into the time of ascension energies entering our world. On the 1st day of January 2018, we will have a super full moon to welcome in what is to come in this next step in our new era...How cool is that!?  To me, that super full moon represents one really huge birthday candle on top of our collective cake. So please be sure to celebrate, embody the changes, and be prepared for what’s to come.

In recent years, I was told that doors in the form of opportunities would begin to open up for me, and if I chose not to step through the doors opening before me at that time, that was still “ok”. I was assured that “they”, those beyond the veil, would just continue to open doors for me until I was ready to move through them...but no more.  Now is my call to action. I hear it clearly. In 2018 the doors are open wide. If I don’t step through them, I will be pushed! The choice I was given during this evolutionary moment is to move forward with joy, ease, and grace, or resist and experience pain, suffering and controversy.  

I choose to evolve, and to ascend with joy, ease, and grace in 2018, How about you? What will you choose?