Connecting With The Healing Properties Of Crystals

Crystals, like women, are more than just a pretty face. They are powerful allies to have in this crazy thing we call life.

From emotional health to physical pain, enhanced intuition to promotion of self-worth, these beautiful vibrational stones are here to support us along our journey. Each crystal has its own unique message and vibration which makes working with them fun, creative and simple.  

My Shamanic teachings stress the importance of following specific steps to truly connect with the crystal, or any living thing/earth medicine, to tap into the healing abilities and make the most out of your relationship in order to work with its power.

Steps to connecting with the healing messages of your crystals:


It’s important for all crystals to be cleansed prior to your work with it. Crystals are sensitive vibrational beings that absorb and give out energies. That being said, the crystal you have purchased has more than likely been exposed to many people's energies. You need to release it of any energy it may have picked up to create a clean slate.  

There are so many ways to cleanse crystals - water, smoke (smudging), sound, brown rice, salt water (only certain ones), burying... you can hear more ways HERE.

Create Connection & Gratitude

Now we connect and give gratitude to the crystal family as a whole, not just your specific crystal. For example, if you are working with one amethyst crystal, it is not the only amethyst crystal in the world; it has a mother and siblings that each radiate out the healing messages of amethyst. So it’s very important to picture amethyst in the earth, in its natural habitat, and around the world and give your thanks to the spirit of amethyst as a whole.

Connect With The Message

Your specific crystal will need to know exactly why you’re working with it. Is it for its physical healing properties or for its intuition promotion?

Tell the crystal out loud or just simply state an affirmation in your mind while holding it in your hand.

Merge Auric Fields

Create a connection with your intention by holding it with both hands and placing the crystal over your heart. Fill it with love simply by invoking a feeling of love within your mind, and then merging your auric field together with the crystal’s auric field to create a joined energetic connection.  

Program Your Crystal

While still in connection with your crystal, picture the end result you want from working with this crystal. Visualize yourself physically healing, opening up more to self-love, or whatever the reason you have chosen to work with your specific crystal.

And ALWAYS give gratitude to the crystal once more.

Working With Your Crystal & Maintenance

So now how do I work with the crystal? There are so many ways you can integrate crystals into your life.

You can choose to either carry your crystal on you... either in your bra (yup, it’s a thing!), in your purse, on a necklace, or even in your pocket. Having the crystal with you allows you to benefit from its energy and intentions you have set.

Crystals can also be placed in a specific area of your home according to the laws of Feng Shui or combined with other crystals to create powerful grids.

For more specifics and in depth detail on working with crystals, catch the replay of my FB LIVE HERE.

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AUTHOR: Bianca Mastrototaro is an OSYL Home Energy Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Chinese Herbalist, offering a variety of powerful services to help you turn around the energy and flow in your home, body, and soul. Trained in ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Native American and modern healing modalities to help YOU get to where you want to be.

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