Distance Healing: Moving Beyond Space and Time

As a Healer, I perform distance healing almost daily. Distance healing is any kind of healing, offered by a practitioner, that “travels” beyond time and space with the intention of providing positive, healing, and therapeutic energy for the recipient. Yes, it’s true: a practitioner does not need to be physically present in order for healing to happen.

*insert spooky background music*

I know, this can be hard to register...hard to fathom, even.
Let’s keep moving here...

Here are some examples, some of which you may already participate in, that can be defined as long distance healing (LDH):

Long distance Reiki: a client or student* will receive healing - remotely sent - from their practitioner right to their present location. They can enjoy this session while over the phone, video, or simply receive a follow-up email that shares any notes, insights, or homework the practitioner may offer.

* {note: I often use the term student instead of client because while you are in session, you are learning and receiving information, as well as learning how to do it for yourself... how to feel and take cues from your own body.}

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Incantation: producing a spell is one of the most commonly attributed characteristics of a practicing witch. An incantation, enchantment, or spell, consists of a series of words spoken or unspoken, that create some sort of magical/energetic effect.

Prayer: we use distance healing when we sing, write, think a prayer for ourselves, someone in need, or someone we care about.

Sending good vibes: a common one we hear, “your family is in my thoughts” or “I’ll be sending you some positive vibes.” These are simple ways that we can offer our own awareness, love, and manifestation to direct good vibes, and essentially healing, to others.

Alongside our innate and learned abilities to heal and send focused energy, lies responsibility and accountability over our true intentions and desires for the outcome.

Where does consent come into the picture with long distance healing? What ethics and values should a practitioner embody and hold themselves accountable to when sending out energy to other individuals?

As practitioners - and we are all practitioners of energy; capable of moving, shifting and sending energy - we must work within a strict ethical code that acts as a soundboard for us to reflect on. Below are some questions that I use in my practice to keep me in alignment with my intention and responsibility as a hearted human and practitioner:

  • What do I want to achieve from sending this healing/energy?
  • Is this for the recipient or for me?
  • Am I trying to push my will on another?
  • Am I trying to control how someone else is feeling or an outcome for someone else?

Moving beyond time and space

For most of us, our experience here on Earth is our physical reality. And here on Earth, it is widely shared that time and space are real and indeed fixed. With this concept, we have built our lives around time and space, making assumptions like:  it takes X amount of time to get from A to B, we can only be in one place at one time, human existence is a linear experience: we are born and then we die (and depending on your beliefs this may only get to happen once).

And I’m not necessarily here to tell you those things are wrong. However, I have experienced many real things that tell me THIS perception of time and space is not the only or full truth of our universe.

Shamans, healers, and mediums of the sort will tell you that time is an “illusion,” and that our idea of “time” is not constrained to one direction; indeed, it moves forward, backward, and maybe even side to side.

Stay with me here.

This - not so new - way of understanding time is something that quantum physicists are beginning to understand and explain in theory (can I get an Amen!). Quantum physics has revealed that time is not fixed, linear, or solely flowing in one direction. AHA! Time is fluid and flows simultaneously forward and back. The revelations in today’s science have been the deep knowings of healers and shamans for over a millennia.

Yes, our future can affect our past, just as our past can be altered and shifted like our future. In this perspective, we are able to comprehend the idea that everything is happening here and now, in the present, and that this is the most important concept of time.

Scientific Underpinnings

In Quantum physics it is understood that quantum waves move both forward and backward in time. Therefore, when an event takes place there are in actuality two events that occur:

  1. the stimulating event: the event that is happening in the present

  2. the responding event: the event  that happens in the future

quantum energy waves

Each event sends out a quantum wave (energy) which functions as what Maureen Kelly (author of Reiki and the Healing Buddha) refers to as a “handshake across time.” Here the stimulating event sends a quantum wave to the future, where the responding event then sends a wave back to the present. If these two waves resonate with one another, energetically, then the future event will occur. This is how some psychics can “see” into the future or how other individuals receive premonitions.

How does a Reiki Healer conduct long distance healing?

In Reiki Level II, practitioners are introduced to 3 sacred symbols. The third symbol, the distance healing symbol, allows practitioners to make that “handshake” and bring the responding event (past or future event) into resonance with the current intention of healing.

The Distance Symbol allows for healing beyond the restrictions of time and space, allowing practitioners to facilitate:

  • remote healing from a distance
  • healing beyond the limitations of linear time
    • unpacking stories and wounds from the past
    • spreading intentions and prayers forwards to the future.

*Distance does not interfere with reception or potency. However, the recipient must be willing to accept the treatment, or the energy will not affect them because Reiki is a non-invasive form of healing.

I'll admit, after learning about the distance symbol I was skeptical. All of the sudden I was at my beginner's mind again, feeling vulnerable, nervous, and close minded.

How is this possible?

If this can work then why haven’t more people heard of this and used it?
Can I really connect to someone’s energy all the way across the country, world, even?

It turns out it IS possible, many people are doing it -whether they know it or not, and I CAN send Reiki across the world.

A Behind the Scenes Look

Having a hard time picturing this? Let me share with you a step-by-step walkthrough during a Long Distance Healing session.

reiki, natasha allain

Just like in-person healing sessions, I begin by grounding myself and performing a dry brush down using my reiki hand strokes and breath work to release any energy or tension that is not mine or is ready to be cleansed.

Standing or sitting tall, I will open my channels to Reiki as well as any of my Guides or Spirits. Here I will weave a gratitude prayer and ask to connect to healing for the purpose of a healing session with my client. I will share any intentions or highlights shared from my student and then release any control or attachment to where energy flows.

In my lineage I was taught to use a picture of the person I want to work on or use a doll as a medium; however, I find uttering my student's name and pulling their face up in my mind is all that I need to connect. So, I will utter my student’s name three times, and if I do not have a picture of them, I will picture their face and draw their energy into my presence. Within seconds I will feel the energy shift within my hands. It is almost as if a psychic energy tap has been turned onto full and energy is pouring out, directing to my student’s body. As I connect, I will receive a clear visualization of my hands floating over or resting gently on my student's body. Just like an in-person session, I move up and down the body, stopping and holding for periods of time, and then moving on and listening to the next pull of sensation or information. These various trails of feedback can lead me to collect information about:

  • energetic imbalance or physical dis-ease in the body-mind-spirit
  • memory, present or past life regressions
  • emotion stuck in space
  • past life and/or ancestral karma locked in the body/behaviour
  • as well as any message from the body-mind-spirit itself, animal spirits, guides, ascended masters, angels, and ancestors.

In a long distance healing session I give options for my student to be present with me during the session, either through an online streaming app, or over the phone. Or I can perform the session at a scheduled time and then I will respond afterwards with a detailed email sharing any information, wisdom, or homework with my student.

That is so crazy!

Over the years I have witnessed what some people would call miraculous events, things that others may describe as “weird”, “crazy”, or “intense”.  And at this point, I have come to realize that THIS is my path now.

I am comfortable working with what is not seen because I know that although we cannot see Reiki, we do indeed feel it. In LDH sessions conducted over the phone or internet, I will commonly have clients who will ask me where I am on their body; in response, they often share their excitement and awe when I confirm that my location was where they were feeling sensation. Often, LDH will affirm the connection my client has to their body and intuitive awareness. And on a bigger picture, LDH and connectivity further spread the awareness that we have the potential to all be connected.

We do not have to feel alone.

Where does distance healing belong in your Life?

If you are feeling lonely or lost, looking for direction, you can connect inwards to your center - others focus on their imagination box - and practice connecting to source, spirit, or guides around you.

Ask for help.

And if others in your life are needing support, send a prayer, set an intention, try and connect to their energy and with no desire for control, send them positive energy. If you want to manifest a certain scenario in your life, connect to the situation you are in now (present) and send intention and directed energy to the future (responding event), picturing what you want coming to fruition.

Interested in exploring this idea further? Let’s try a distance healing session!

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AUTHOR: Natasha Allain is an OSYL Igniter and Mirror of Truth, Modern Medium, Healer, Yogi & Intentional Artisan. Her main purpose is to truly see You. She is here to mirror your Gold and hold space for you to reclaim your Spirit! Together, you will journey inwards and foster a stronger communication line between your body, mind, and Spirit.

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