Developing your gifts beyond this Dimension

Is this your Imagination or your Inner Sight?

“You have to see it to believe it.”

How many of you can recall someone saying this to you?
Do you know anyone who lives their life from this paradigm?
How many of us as children were told that our “imaginary friend” isn’t real, that there’s no monster under our bed, or that we are overreacting or being silly about not liking Dad’s one friend.

We are animals; we are civilized animals who like to wear suits and play tea. However, at the end of the day, we cannot deny that we receive and exert information through modes other than our speech and body language....our instincts are still deep within us.

What exactly are instincts - what information do they give us?

Have you ever had a “bad feeling about something” or felt like you “couldn’t trust someone” or were told to “listen to your gut”?

These are examples of energetic or intuition based feedback, i.e., inner sight.

We are comprised of body-mind-spirit, and together, our breath and imagination can lead us to the center of ourselves, to where these three components meet in communication.

  • What does my life path look like - where am I going?

  • Which Chakra is asking for acknowledgment and support?

  • What is the root of my pain?

  • What Guide or Spirit is with me now?

These are all questions that you can begin to find answers and connections to, starting with your creative space: the imagination.


As a kid, my parents would often direct me to “use my imagination” to try and figure something out. If I were bored or didn’t know what to do, I would hear the - at times, annoying - statement “use your imagination!”  

Now as an adult, I reflect back and think, “when did I stop receiving affirmation for this?” For me, a big part of disconnecting from imaginative play was hearing the common statement, “grow up!” or “that would never work.” So many people will tell you that you are wrong and some will even go on to tell you that your dreams aren’t possible - and to that, I would offer the challenge, “who are they to decide what your beliefs are and where your life path leads?”

“You have to see it to believe it.”


I would exclaim that it’s actually the opposite: You have to believe it to see it.

Believe in your inner sight; practice faith.

Trust in yourself to know, to be able to acquire the information needed, to be in connection with any Guides or Ancestors who walk with you on this journey.

Do you hear it?

Can you see it?

What does my life path look like - where am I going?
Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and find your center. Be - here - with yourself for a while. Connect and then ask: “where am I going?”

Perhaps you’ll hear a voice whisper back, “where do you want to go?”, maybe you’ll see a story unfold in the back of your mind, get a feeling, see a name, or remember a place you’ve been.

What comes forward? Even if nothing but fear comes forward - what is the fear? And what is the opposite of that fear? For example, fearing that I’m not enough would reflect in opposition that I am enough, or fearing that I will fail would reflect in opposition what it would look like if I succeeded.

What if believing it was enough to see it? Isn’t that the main principle of manifestation?

Do not give your energy to your fears - what you do not want - instead, feed what you do want to receive and envision it, write it down, and pray/ask for it!

Chakras, Chakra colors

Which Chakra is asking for acknowledgment and support?
Close your eyes and go to your imagination center, your Third Eye, your found center. And then ask for a color to wash over your eyes, depicting what chakra needs support. Wait for the color(s) to wash over the backs of your eyes.

Perhaps it’s a smell you receive, a sensation in your body, or a mantra “I speak my truth” or “I am rooted.” How can you use this creative space to allow your body-mind-spirit to communicate with you on a conscious level?

What is the root of my pain?
You may try a free stream writing exercise. It is important here not to judge, limit, or control what you write. Do not worry about spelling or fuss over grammar, just let it all pour, scribble, write out. Begin with writing the question: what is the root of my pain?

At first tip to paper, begin from a playful place of imagination...begin to tell a tall tale about the root of your pain, make it extraordinary, cast your adventure with lewd characters, and shocking guest appearances.

Who would you visit on your trip to uncovering your roots?
Who would join you as an ally, or your right hand wo/man?

At the end of your writing session - and you can do this all in one sitting or come back to this story and let it percolate - re-read through the story. Underline patterns, common words, themes, and perspectives. How do they relate to your life in this dimension, what are the cross-references? Where is the intuitive guidance and gift of insight?

burning sage, smudging

What Guide or Spirit is with me now?
Let’s try an imagination based meditation. Burning incense or sage before you find a seat for meditation can set the tone of your space and keep you grounded here.

Find a comfortable position, some people like to sit (perhaps you need the support of a cushion, or some blocks under your knees to make this sustainable) and others find laying down most easeful. Bring your hands to your tanden (your low belly, sacral area) and breathe. Feel the lull of your belly expanding and deflating with breath, pull the heat from your hands deep down into your belly, your being, your center.

Lift your hands up to the sky, with palms facing each other, and imagine in your mind’s eye that you connect to the energy of the Great Universe. Imagine what color of energy you think the Great Universe holds and then imagine it funneling down, like a great spiral in the sky, like that of the stars, rivering down and flowing into your fingertips, hands, arms, head, and down the rest of your body until you are full with flow and vibration. You may rest your hands down once you feel fully connected; swim here for a moment.

Now focus on your question or the being you want to contact, “what Guide or Spirit is with me now?” You may become aware of a presence beyond your own; you may envision yourself completely merging with the consciousness of the enlightened being(s). When you feel absolute resonance, now is the time to ask any question(s), and share any wishes or desires that you have. Trust what comes through without allowing resistance, fear, judgment, doubt, or suspicion to alter or dismiss your inner sight.

Put your hands together in prayer, gasho, and give thanks.

The answers to your questions will come in one of many different ways:

  1. You may receive a direct answer: envisioning something or hearing a truth in your mind

  2. You may have a dream: make sure you leave a journal or paper and pen near your bed so that you can wake up and spend 10 minutes (or so) writing out your dreams. Even if you don’t often remember your dreams, I would encourage you to try it. You may be surprised what comes through. It is also important to simply reflect and free stream write, be conscious of any resistance, judgment or doubt coming through.

  3. You may hear what you need in a conversation with someone: the information you ask for will be given to you in a conversation with someone.

If you do not receive an answer, know it is not the right time or right question for you to ask.

You have to believe it, to see it. Do you see it, hear it? Please know this comes with practice, adversity, and trust.

What gets in the way between you and your intuition?
What makes you doubt a person or yourself?

These are great reflective questions to brew on, as they will help you understand the difference between self-protection and self-sabotage (and that right there is a whole other blog!)

Share with me - us - what came up for you in this read! Did you try one of the exercises? What was the impact? We would love to hear from you and be a part of your path.

Love & Light,

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