Daily Divination - Thursday, November 29, 2018

ANTELOPE - Power Animal Oracle


Make a Decision and take appropriate action

“This is not the time for discussion, debate, deliberation, or hesitation.”

Spirit is here in the form of the Antelope to tell you to decide. If you are staying put...then stay. If you are leaving...then leave. If you have a decision to make...make it.

To not decide is to decide.

The Universe has a way of helping us right all wrongs, so if the decision you do make ends up not being what you really want, then luckily the Universe lovingly gives us many chances to work things through. Detours are just opportunities to see things from a new perspective, to travel down a road you’d never have gone down had the detour sign not been there in the first place.

All is well.

*This week’s deck is the Power Animal Oracle Cards (affiliate link).