Deconstructing our Stories

Thursday, September 20th at 7pm EST

Revealing the Layers of our False and Limiting Beliefs

Let’s Deconstruct the stories that keep us from experiencing peace, love and joy.

Peace, Love and Joy can be yours now!

You will benefit from webinar if...

  • You're experiencing frustration, resentment and sadness in any of your most important relationships.

  • You’re disappointed in others, your feelings are easily bruised, or you often feel hurt by other people’s choices and behaviors.

  • Sometimes you feel like a victim, of people and of circumstances.

  • You feel stuck in your career, your relationships, or even just in life in general.

  • What is happening in the world around you causes you distress or suffering in any way.

  • You are struggling financially.

  • You are struggling with your weight.

  • You are struggling with your health.

  • You struggle with control.

Peace, Love and Joy can be yours now!


Join Laurie Elle for an evening of Insight and Clarity, as we begin to identify the deep- seated false and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in lower vibrating energies, instead of enjoying all the peace, love and joy that surrounds us!

Laurie will help you understand what limiting and false beliefs are, how your “Past Programming” shows up in your day to day experience, and will help you begin to move through the layers of time to understand where they may have originated.

Here are just a few examples of false or limiting beliefs that many of us are attached to:

false beliefs, limiting beliefs
  1. I am not enough, or good, or valued, or worthy, or deserving...

  2. I am too short, too tall, too this or too that...

  3. My body is not okay as it is...

  4. I can’t learn that...

  5. I should...

  6. I should not...

  7. I have to...

  8. School, work, relationships are hard...

  9. You have to work hard to make money...

  10. Any religious dogma that you are attached to...

  11. Any familial dogma or expectations that you are attached to...

  12. Any ethnic dogma or expectations that you are attached to...

  • We will discuss how limiting beliefs are formed, and how they can show up in our childhood and then later in our adult lives.

  • We will discuss how those limiting beliefs, or “Past Programs” are now impacting you in all areas of your life; health, relationships, finances, etc...

Laurie will then offer a question and answer session with Spirit. She will pull Oracle cards and channel Spirit for registered guests.* She'll tap into the messages and guidance Spirit wants you to understand, so you can identify how your limiting beliefs are impacting and limiting your life.

Laurie will close the session with an Angelic healing and clearing session for all participants. The intent of this clearing session is for Angelic and Divine Guidance to illuminate the false and limiting beliefs that are present in your life, keeping you stuck in situations and relationships that aren’t serving you.

Recognizing your Past Programming is the first step on your path to experiencing more peace, love, and joy!

Peace, Love and Joy can be yours now!

Where, When and How?

LIVE Thursday, September 20th at 7pm EST


Register below to attend this FREE FBLIVE webinar. All we need is your name and email to sign you up for this event. Registering will allow us to plan ahead and allot enough time to draw Oracle cards and channel Spirit messages for those who plan to attend. Cards will be drawn and messages channeled on a first registered, first read basis.


During the session, you will have a chance to hear Laurie Elle communicate with Spirit. You will receive clear and direct insight about the general concept of False and Limiting Beliefs, and then, Laurie Elle will customize the session by reading for as many participants as time allows. (2 hours total webinar)


After the session, participants of this webinar will have the opportunity to register for a 2-part workshop with Laurie Elle at a discounted rate. The workshops are a continuation of the process of identifying false and limiting beliefs and clearing away attachments to your Past Programming. Registrants of the workshops will receive a beautifully scripted process demonstrating how to co-create, hand-in-hand with Divine Source, new life circumstances.

Join us to learn how to manifest the circumstances you DO want to experience versus what you are currently faced with.



Peace, Love and Joy can be yours now! 
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    Your Webinar includes:

    The Webinar will include a detailed explanation of how false and limiting beliefs are formed, and how this Past Programming shows up in and affects our current life.

    We will also discuss the steps you can take to begin identifying these false and limiting beliefs. *Most participants in the live webinar will receive a channeled message from Spirit as to what they are needing to pay attention to and any guidance that is meant for them to hear.

    • Note: Anyone who registers for the webinar with their email address above will receive a PDF summary sheet of the session. The summary sheet will highlight the important notes from the session and includes a call to action for you. After receiving the Angelic healing from the webinar, Spirit will begin to reveal your false and limiting beliefs for you, and we provide space for you to capture those messages on paper so you can start the process of surrender and release.

    Additionally, Laurie Elle will close the session with an Angelic healing and clearing session. The intent of this session will be to help reveal within you the limiting and false beliefs that are keeping you stuck or in situations and relationships that aren’t serving you.

    Peace, Love and Joy can be yours now!


    After the Deconstructing Stories Webinar, these Workshops in October with Laurie-Elle will allow you to cut the cords to these false and limiting beliefs, clear the air, and make way for true transformation with Sacred Intentions.

    Participate in one, or choose both and SAVE!

    Identify and Clear - October 1st at 7:30 pm EST
    Sacred Intentions - October 8th at 7:30 pm EST