Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ Session

Let go of grief, loss, and suffering by freeing yourself from the painful memories and energy from the past.

Are you suffering? Are there events or situations in your life that you can’t seem to put behind you? Is there a trauma or loss that continues to haunt you, keeping you from moving forward in your life? Do you feel like you keep running into roadblocks in your relationships or your business, and you just don't know the right next steps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then allow Lois to tune into you and your Higher Self to determine how she can help you and exactly what it is that your Divine team is wanting you to know. Using her Intuitive Guidance and connection to your Spirit team, Lois will uncover just what you need to know. You will receive guidance about what steps you should take to start moving away from the suffering and sorrow you are experiencing.

You will also receive a  Thetahealing™session to help free you from the energetic ties that bind you. Thetahealing™ is a fast and effective way to uncover the negative beliefs and programs that are held within your conscious and subconscious mind and/or are genetically encoded into your DNA. These programs may be creating disharmony and/or illness within your body, contributing to the ongoing suffering you are experiencing.

In addition to emotional distress, Thetahealing™can help relieve deeply rooted pain resulting from situations such as traumas, abuse or PTSD.  The Thetahealing™ technique of healing focuses on how you FEEL about aspects of the traumatic or painful event rather than on the actual event.

Dig deep and release that which is holding you back!

Who will benefit from an Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ Session?

An Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ session is perfect for you if you want relief and or to focus on one of the following areas of your life:

  • Relationships loss or struggle
  • If you are experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one or other traumatic event
  • Releasing Trauma from the past
  • Business or career blocks
Thetahealing™ was recommended to me as a way to cope with negativity in my life. It did that and gave me a whole new perspective on things. I feel like a better person from the experience and thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
— Sharon D.

What is Thetahealing™?

Thetahealing™ is a fast and effective way to find the negative beliefs and programmes that are held within your conscious and subconscious mind and/or genetically encoded into your DNA, that can be creating disharmony and/or illness within your body. With the likes of traumas, abuse or PTSD issues, there is no need to keep reliving painful memories, you never fully forget, however, Thetahealing™ can help fade them into the past and remove the negative energetic impact that they are having on your life. Thetahealing™ focuses on how you feel about aspects of the event rather than the actual event that has caused you to seek help.

What areas of your Life will be positively impacted by an Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ Sessions?

We carry over 7 generations of our Ancestors beliefs and many of those are no longer relevant to your life today. Here are just some of the areas in your life that can be helped or resolved with a Thetahealing™ session

Relationship loss or breakdowns:

There is no two ways about it, relationship breakdowns are tough.

When you are experiencing a breakup or hardship in a relationship, you are often left feeling very vulnerable, or possibly even heartbroken. Or, perhaps you’re the one feeling guilty. Maybe you ended a relationship or caused a problem and left your partner hurting. The bottom line is that so few relationships end amicably, and these stressful times take a toll on everybody, including family and friends.

A relationship breakdown can leave you with so many unanswered questions and regrets:

  • Why did I stay so long? Why did I stay when I wasn't happy?

  • Why did I let him/her abuse me?

  • Why did he/she cheat on me? Why did I cheat on him/her?

  • How did I lose myself?

  • Why wasn't I enough?

If you don't address the emotions and energy behind these question, it's likely that they will stick in your mind for a long time, going round and round, wreaking havoc and unrest.

Additionally, a relationship breakdown can trigger negative beliefs that we have buried deep within ourselves, such as:

  • I am not good enough.

  • I am not worthy of being loved.

  • I don't deserve to be happy.

  • People who love me always hurt or leave me.

  • Relationships have to be hard work .

Here is the good news…

  • You are enough.

  • You are worthy of being loved.

  • You do deserve to be happy.

  • You can choose people who won’t hurt or leave you.

  • And relationships absolutely do not need to be hard.

Let Lois help you get back on your feet and help you understand how this is really true. Through her Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ session, she can help you uncover the negative beliefs and programmes that are held within your conscious and subconscious mind and/or genetically encoded into your DNA, that can be creating disharmony and/or illness within your body.

Let’s discover what needs to be let go of and let’s LET IT GO!

Let’s create a happier more positive life for you, one where the past is in the past, and let me help you release the energy that has impacted you so profoundly.

If you are ready Are you ready to get HAPPY you back, click here to start your journey today.

Thank you, Lois, for the amazing shifts I experienced in your healing hands! Anyone feeling stuck in negativity or seeking resolution of ongoing destructive patterns in their life needs Lois Lovegrove! Have been floating on air ever since.....thank you
— Megan

Loss and Grief and Releasing Trauma:

When someone we love dies, the comfort and support that the loved one gave us, leaves such a big hole in our lives, that it can feel like part of ourselves has been taken away.

It can be so very difficult to move forward, everywhere you look, you get reminders, that they are no longer there; your home, shops, parks, beaches. You see something and you can’t wait to get home and share it with them. Then the reality hits: you can’t tell them.

If they have suddenly been taken from you, it can feel like you are in a living nightmare and that you just let want to wake up and have your life back the way it was.

Grief is part of the process that we have to go through, and it’s tough. Sometimes you don’t feel you can share your pain with others, because they are mourning. I can help you come to terms with it all, and help ease the pain you are feeling. Having been there myself, I know how overwhelming it can be and how beneficial it can be to be able to unburden yourself, to someone who is purely there for you.

Trauma from loss or other past situations can also add to our negative programming and thought patterns. Traumas are sometimes so deeply embedded in our system that subconsciously, we do everything we can to avoid reliving them. This can often lead to relationship trouble with others because we are suppressing, repressing, and or projecting the traumas we have deep within us.

Through Lois’s Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ session, she can help you uncover the negative beliefs and programmes that are held within your conscious and subconscious mind and/or genetically encoded into your DNA, that can be creating disharmony and/or illness within your body. If you are ready to have a supportive and helping hand, book your session today.

Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday Lois! Just what I needed to ground me once again ♥ For all those who are thinking of seeing Lois...make that won’t be disappointed.
— Connie

Business Blocks:

Do you sometimes feel like you are always going against the flow or aimlessly running around in circles on a hamster wheel? Do you often feel like you can't get into the right rhythm at work and do what is needed to prosper in your business? Do you work hard but feel like you keep repeating the same mistakes, and you don’t know why?  

Often times it's our own energetic “false beliefs” about money that are completely sabotaging us, without us even knowing it, and create all kinds of havoc in our life.

Those false beliefs may look like:

  • it's wrong to be wealthy.

  • There is not enough money for everyone.

  • I can make money, but never keep it.

  • Money is the source of all evil.

  • Money will corrupt me.

Do any of these ring a bell for you? If so, Thetahealing™ can be a wonderful solution for you to move you forward in business or with your career.

Lois has worked extensively with clients who come to her at very low points in their life and career. They feel completely stuck. They are experiencing overwhelm and a lack of clarity. They feel as though they are at their wits end; they just do not know what to do next.

Lois’s Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ sessions are the ultimate session to help clear you of confusion and negative emotions that are keeping you down, while releasing the energetic blockages that are preventing you from receiving the abundance and wellbeing that is intrinsically yours for the taking.

Lois can help you find these beliefs and clear them, so that you can go on to create the business that you desire, with the Income that you desire, without continuously coming up against the Brick Wall. She will help instill feelings such as self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. You’ll complete your session feeling that you believe in yourself and have no doubts about your future success.

If you ready to bust those Blocks instead of busting your Butt then click here to book your session with Lois now.

Let go of grief, loss and suffering by freeing yourself from the painful memories and energy from the past.

Where, When and How?


If you have experienced many traumas in your life, please make note of them and of which one is having the greatest negative impact on you. Be honest with how you are feeling and what it is that you are wanting to heal in your life. Lois will provide you with a video conference or telephone number to contact at the time of your scheduled session.


Together, via an online video conference or phone call, you and Lois will discover the hidden, and not so hidden, limiting beliefs that may have been created by traumas in your life, and are having a negative impact on your life today. You’ll work to resolve the early hurts and wounds that were created through experiences such as childhood neglect, abusive relationships, school bullying, etc. Where we start will not be where we end up... We will trace back to the origins of any negative treatment you received early in life, and we will clear the negative patterns away, ensuring that you stop repeating them over and over again.


Once your session is completed, you will feel lighter and the pain you were carrying will have either diminished or dissolved completely. Life will start to feel a lot easier and freer, and you will have the confidence to be able to move forward to a brighter and happier future. You’ll know with certainty that the past is firmly behind you, and you will be energetically free from the emotional pain you have been carrying.

Dig deep and release that which is holding you back…

Let's Get Started. Schedule your Intuitive Guidance and Thetahealing™ Session now.

Your healing includes:

  • An in depth discussion around how you feel about yourself and the situation(s) that you are dealing with. As we uncover the negative belief programmes we will work to change them with the healing.
  • Oracle Cards will be drawn to help discover where you are being blocked and channeled information and practical advice will be given to help move these blocks.
  • Audio and Video recordings will be sent after the Session, along with a brief overview of the points that you need to focus on, to create the life you desire.