Soulful Practitioner Question & Answer Guide

Soulful Practitioners are the Delivery Agents of Light. They are the Guides to help others discover the light within. Soulful Practitioner help to Illuminate Souls.

A big big thank you!

We want to thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about the Our Sight Our Light (OSYL) Online Platform. We know we are not only making it possible for countless individuals to receive the opportunity of spiritual healing and holistic support services, but that we are also providing a platform where other like-minded practitioners can easily and effectively share their gifts with the world. This is a dream come true for the both of us, and we are so happy to be connected to you!


Laurie and Lynn

Our Mission

Our Primary mission is to provide spiritual and holistic healing, as well as inspiration, guidance, education, training, enriching experiences, and insightful events to people throughout the world. We not only want to contribute to the individual healing and personal growth of the clients who we serve, but to the overall expansion of Universal Consciousness.

Our parallel mission & vision is to offer service & support to our Soulful Practitioners. We will accomplish this by offering aligned Soulful Practitioners a one-stop solution for their Spirit centered, entrepreneurial needs.

The solutions and support we provide address the common challenges that many Spiritual Entrepreneurs face, including:

  • advertising & marketing,

  • online content creation,

  • providing a consistent, high-quality social media presence,

  • web-hosting for your sales pages and promotions,

  • monetary collection and scheduling for all sales through the OSYL platform,

  • access to an online course platform, and support in the creation/implementation of your courses,

  • local event organization and promotion

Soulful Practitioner Selection Process


The first step in the Soulful Practitioner Selection Process is for you to get a better idea of what we are all about. You can do that by watching our video overview,  reading through this Q & A document,  and completing our Initial Inquiry Form found here.


Once we receive your Initial Inquiry Form, we will schedule a phone or video call where we can get to know you better and answer any questions you may have. If both parties determine that an alliance is possible, we will move to the next step.


The next step is two-fold. First, we will schedule a mini session with you. We want to experience what you offer to clients, so your session will be with either Laurie, Lynn, or a designated representative of OSYL. At the same time, we will ask you to provide us with references and client feedback, and we will provide you with all legal documentation required for Soulful Practitioners to review.

Once we complete the above steps, and all parties are in agreement, we then get to work building your sales pages and getting you set up as an official OSYL Soulful Practitioner!!


Questions and Answers

1. Do I need to pay an upfront fee or monthly subscription to become an OSYL Soulful Practitioner?

Answer: No. All Soulful Practitioners will be paid by OSYL for their completed services/offerings, and OSYL will receive a commission on those services and offerings.

2. What is the commission structure and rate?

Answer: OSYL has a tiered commission structure in place, depending on different variables. This question can be better answered for you during step two and three of the selection process.

3.  What will the commission money that OSYL receives from the Soulful Practitioners be used for?

Answer: The monies received from the Soulful Practitioners will be used in several ways, including, but not limited to: advertising, marketing, web-hosting for your sales pages and promotions, online scheduling, hosting and supporting local events, additional subscription services used to support your business, administrative support, and additional expenses as necessary.

4. How many Soulful Practitioners are you recruiting?

Answer: Our initial goal is to align with 15 Soulful Practitioners who will join Laurie-Elle on the OSYL Soulful Practitioner page on our website. As we grow and expand, we also plan to expand regionally throughout the USA and in other countries as appropriate; we can explain this in more detail as we move along in the interview process.

5. What will my employment relationship be with OSYL as a Soulful Practitioner?

Answer: Soulful Practitioners will be treated as Independent Contractors.

6. Do I need to sign a legal agreement with OSYL to become a Soulful Practitioner?

Answer: Yes. We wrote our Soulful Practitioner Agreement with the full understanding that we are in the business of light and love. We play by the rules of the Universe; however, when you're a business, you have to have agreements and legal documents :)

7. Who will produce the content for the OSYL Blog and Social Media Sites?

Answer: Each Soulful Practitioner will contribute regularly, 2-3 times per month, to our blog and social media sites based on an editorial schedule. OSYL will edit, manage and oversee the content.

8. I see that you feature a Soulful Practitioner on the homepage of your site. How often will you feature each soulful practitioner?

Answer: We intend to feature each of the 16 Soulful Practitioners at least once every quarter, and sometime more, depending on what is happening with new services or courses that are being offered.

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