Soul Expansion with Flower Essences

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, MIND and SOUL

Are you tired of suffering?

Perhaps you have a big dream you wish to manifest, but feel blocked or unable to move forward.

Maybe you feel stuck in the current phase of your life, but simply don’t know how to shift your beliefs in order to transform your circumstances.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced trauma at some point in your life, but can’t seem to heal and move on.

No matter where you are right now or what you’re longing for, my Soul Expansion with Flower Essences service is a gentle, loving, service that will take you on a deep dive into the roots of your suffering and then free you to move forward.

I'll help you identify the energetic blocks that are holding you back from experiencing the big dream, from moving on to the next phase, or from letting go of the memories you are still reliving and are still causing you pain.

In a Soul Expansion with Flower Essences session, we will align you with the right flower essences for your specific needs. Flower essences are so wonderful, because they can help you heal, forgive, and move closer to living and experiencing YOUR true essence. They are very powerful gifts from the earth, and when used to heal, can help you get to where you desire.

Let’s face it, we all struggle with some level of limiting beliefs, and, even if we don’t know that we are doing it, we shy away from the natural elements within ourselves.

Many of us grew up with firmly cemented impressions of how we are supposed to “be” in this lifetime, and have created a “perfect image” for ourselves, one that was most likely implanted in our hearts since early childhood. We formed false, limiting beliefs around these structures of “perfection,” not because we were bad or wrong, but because we thought it was the best way to receive love from those around us.

Over the course of several Soul Expansion sessions, we’ll open your eyes to see how you hold yourself back from what you truly deserve. We’ll help you see that you DO deserve what you long for; the financial freedom to go on that vacation you’ve been saying you can’t afford, the relationship and mutually respectful love, the caring give and take relationship.

You deserve to love yourself completely. You deserve all the love and light in the world, and so much more; it is your birthright.

Let me help you journey to the Essence of your Soul and open the doors to receiving and feeling more joy, where you can allow yourself to know and have what you truly deserve.  

Who will benefit from Soul Expansion with Flower Essences?

You will benefit from Soul Expansion with Flower Essences if

  • you have a big dream you want to manifest, but feel blocked and unable to move forward.

  • you feel utterly stuck in the current phase of your life and really want to break through your limiting beliefs and come into your true essence.

  • you feel that you have energetic blockages from past traumas, but are unable to identify and release them.

Bianca has been such a great coach in helping me understand and begin my spiritual journey as well as improving myself. One of her recommendations in starting my healing process was to try Wild Oat Bach Flower Essence. At first I was a little hesitant and intimidated regarding the description on the bottle and its healing purpose. It reads “helps you to determine what to do with your life, when you are undecided about which path to take”. It’s astonishing that you can figure out your life purpose with a little help of a few drops of liquid. Before taking this, I was pretty unsure in which direction to begin in figuring out my life’s path. I began taking 4 drops under my tongue in the morning and close to bedtime as well as drinking 2 bottles of waters containing a few drops throughout my days. It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I’ve started and I have started to notice a difference. I was hoping to see and experience a change within a few days but for me, it’s been an unfolding process. I feel like I’ve been able to see things with more clarity. I find myself improving physically, mentally and spiritually. Since taking the flower essences, not only have I been thinking of ways to improve myself but I’ve actually been taking acting on my thoughts. I’ve felt more grounded and assertive in reaching minor goals. I haven’t reached where I want to be yet but I definitely feel as though I am being guided there to help attain my life purpose and goals to get there.
— Kayla C. Worcester, MA

What is Soul Expansion with Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a form of vibration medicine. This means that the ESSENCE of the flower is captured and is consumed by a person or animal to restore their spirit back to its true self. With this said, there is no physical part of the flower within in the essence, this makes it safe for adults, children and animals to consume.

What results occur after a flower essence consultation?

  • Clarity on your limiting beliefs and how to release them

  • Knowledge on which flower essences can help you immediately and guide you towards what you desire

  • Release of blockages that are holding you back

  • Freedom from your past and more excitement for the future

What is the process?

There is a realization process that needs to happen in order for you to start to release the negative thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back. Within the first few sessions, you and I will find your specific limiting beliefs, learn more about your past, and learn more about how you honestly feel about yourself. Once you learn more about what is hidden within, this is when the big life breakthroughs happen. You will also be left with ‘homework’ each week and given suggestions on what Flower Essences can help you kickstart your journey to start releasing old trauma, improve self-worth and love yourself like you never have before!  

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, and SOUL

Where, When and How?


After you book your session, all you need to do is wait and call or link in via video chat on your scheduled day and time. Bianca will cover more about you and your needs in your first session. You will investigate and uncover so much about yourself!


You’ll meet with Bianca via video chat during your scheduled session. Bianca recommends that you meet at least once a month, but bi-monthly or weekly is even better, so you can experience lasting results more quickly.

Bianca uses a session-by-session teaching process along infused with different healing and divination modalities as needed. She also employs life coaching strategies and activities, and holds sacred space for you to speak your truth. Each session will be unique to you and your needs, and will build upon the prior sessions.

Bianca will help you analyze your past and present life situations, and she’ll help you to uncover cycles that you find repeating over and over again, sometimes without even realizing it. She’ll help you to identify limiting beliefs that you’ve unknowingly subscribed to, and help you to release them, and give yourself the opportunity to really start the healing and growing process. Sessions are 60 minutes in length.


Bianca will recommend specific Flower Essences for you at the end of each session. These Flower Essences are sold separately through a third party website (usually priced around $10 each). These essences will help accelerate your healing and open up new channels of light in your life.

You’ll also receive “Call to Action” assignments each week that will guide your self study, as well as enhancing your meditation and self-reflection process.

Let’s get started. Schedule your Soul Expansion with Flower Essences now.

Are you finally ready to unchain yourself from what holds you back and FINALLY live the life you deserve?

Your healing includes:

  • Soul coaching sessions (each session is 60 minutes) that include healing and divination modalities, as well as life coaching strategies and activities

  • Recommendations of specific flower essences (purchased through a third party website) that will help you accelerate your healing

  • Call to Action assignments to further your self-reflection and meditation practices