Sacred Money Archetypes®

your personal key to unlocking the gateway to Divine Wealth & Abundance in business and in life!

Enjoy your complimentary gift from Debra!

Discover Your Purposeful Path to Divine Wealth Kit:

  • Unveil your personal archetype with the Sacred Money Archetypes® Assessment

  • Introduction into Sacred Money Archetypes®, find out what they are & how understanding yours, could transform your life!

  • Beautiful, digital summary of all the Sacred Money Archetypes®

  • Private invitation to a personal Sacred Money Archetype masterclass with Debra where she’ll offer LIVE readings.

... valued at $297

When you align with your innate patterns, you will be able to experience a greater understanding of wealth creation. Taking you from struggle and challenge, to flow and abundance in every area of your life. This understanding will strengthen everything from how you talk about money, to your spending, to investing in YOU, to your boundaries, to aligning to your deeper purpose. If you are in business, the pricing your services, to charging not just what you are worth, but what is truly in alignment and feels good to you!

Embracing and understanding your personal Money Archetypal patterns is transformative work. It will empower you to once and for all break free of old patterns, limiting beliefs and unhealthy boundaries as it applies to creating wealth in all areas of your life!

Are you ready to create a deep, powerful transformation around money and begin to welcome more abundance into your life?

During our time together, you will discover and learn for free your personal Sacred Money Archetypes, revealing YOUR:

  • Key areas where you may feel challenged and be giving away your personal power when it comes to money, blocking you from making what you are worth!

  • Sacred Strengths when it comes to wealth creation.

  • Personal Gifts when it comes to attracting money. Learn what comes easily for you.

  • Personal Sacred Money Contract, my personal challenge for you. If you step fully into this contract, it will empower you to set yourself free!

Learn the one simple next-best step that you can take immediately that will begin to align you to your most purposeful, profitable, beautiful, joyful path!

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