Thank you so much for deciding to unveil your personal Sacred Money Archetypes®, your personal key to unlocking the gateway to divine wealth and abundance in business and in life! Below you will find your Sacred Money Archetypes® Purposeful Path to Divine Wealth Kit.

Follow the instructions to begin your deep, powerful transformation around money and begin to welcome more abundance into your life.

Introduction to the Sacred Money Archetypes®

 Sacred Money Archetype Cards

Listen to find out what they are and why you should care!

Take the Sacred Money Archetypes® Assessment

Please listen to the INSTRUCTIONAL Audio on completing your assessment. Once you have done that, it only takes about 8 minutes to fill out the assessment. It is important that you fill out the assessment according to the instructions in the audio, so please do not skip listening to the audios.

 Sacred Money Archetype Assessment

Once you have completed the assessment, you can go HERE to find out more about your specific archetype.

Private Invitation

Here is your PRIVATE OFFER to one of my Sacred Money Archetype MASTERCLASSES, a deep immersion workshop at a special reduced VIP rate! 

Use VIP Code: SACRED   
($49 VIP workshop price vs $69)

Press Reset - Create A Powerful Money Story Makeover

This deep dive immersion class is all about “Creating Your New Money Story” in order to attract and create the flow of aligned wealth and abundance into your life.

During our time together, you’re going to discover how to not only create, but step fully into, a brand-new money story that will give you a tangible, practical way to let go of your old money story and immediately shift into a new perspective.

 Sacred Money Archetypes

Click on the images below to learn more about YOUR Sacred Money Archetype® 

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