Reiki Energy Healing

Relax and restore with Healing and a greater sense of Wellbeing

Reiki is the ancient art of awakening and reconnecting a individual’s own natural healing energy, thus restoring the recipient to greater physical and emotional wellbeing. Reiki is also known as energy work or energy healing. Reiki touch activates promotes relaxation and enhances the client’s own healing abilities.

While Reiki can be used to treat a wide array of health concerns, it is especially effective for alleviating stress, depression, anxiety and pain. Noting the positive results of Reiki treatments, many hospitals across the country now offer Reiki energy work to their patients and staff.

In a Reiki session setting, Hilary is a loving, compassionate and nurturing person who gives that same unconditional love, compassionate and care to her clients. She has a loving way to connect verbally and non-verbally with her clients to make them feel safe and at peace. She is a true healer! Hilary is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Hilary is well-respected and loved by clients, fellow Reiki practitioners and other members of the wellness community. I have great respect and admiration for Hilary both professionally and personally.
— Annemarie Seidenberg, ND,RMT,MA of Divinity, Natick, MA

Who will benefit from Reiki?

You will benefit from Reiki if

  • you are experiencing anxiety, depression or pain.

  • you are experiencing stress due to overwork, exhaustion or life crisis.

  • you are recovering from illness or surgery.

Relax and restore with Healing and a greater sense of Wellbeing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality that has its roots in ancient eastern culture. The Usui Reiki method was rediscovered a little over a hundred years ago, and only began being practiced in the western hemisphere about 50 years ago. Reiki uses the universal life force energy, know as ki, or in other cultures as chi, prana or vital life force energy, to help align vital energy centers located within our bodies. These energy centers, when misaligned, can impact us both emotionally and physically. Reiki helps to balance this internal energy, which in turn promotes a more positive environment for both emotional and physical healing.

After a Reiki session, clients should expect to feel significantly calmer, a greater sense of ease and clarity, and/or less pain, depending on the health concern being treated.

Where, When and How?


Once you book you in person or remote session with Hilary, you will receive a confirmation email with confirming the details about your session. When you arrive to an in person session, you should be in comfortable, non-constricting clothing. You will be lying down for most of the session, and you are encouraged to be as comfortable as possible. You will be fully clothed during your entire session, and your Reiki session may or may not include very light touch or pressure, this depends on Hillary's analysis of your energy once she connects for you. Please hydrate the day prior and the morning of your session as energy healing often works at very deep levels and hydration is key to the rejuvenation process.


Whether you session is in person or remote, via phone, video, or even in your absence, you are encouraged do nothing but relax and receive. Just be open to the possibilities of healing and alignment and let Hilary do the rest.


After the session you should feel very relaxed. If in person or live via phone or video, Hilary will share any intuitive impressions and information she received on your behalf, and she will also open the conversation up for you to share your experience or ask any questions you may have.

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Is it time for you to Learn, Heal and achieve Wellbeing?

Your healing includes:

All Reiki sessions last one hour.  The client usually receives Reiki healing in-person but may receive healing via distance, either by phone or simply an agreed upon time with Hilary.  All Reiki therapy treatments are $125.