Alberto Villoldo

#OracleMonday - September 30, 2019

#OracleMonday Messages Revealed - MYSTICAL SHAMAN ORACLE by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos, Middle World, The Tree of Live, The Hunter


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This week we are using the Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid & Marcela Lobos (affiliate link). Let’s see what messages they have for us today.


You are in this middle world… BUT WHY? On the fence, neither here nor there. You think that everything is wonderful in this little bubble you have built, but you are running out of air, feeling constrained and unable to spread your wings in the confines of the walls you have erected. The real “MIDDLE WORLD”… your TRUTH is intended to exist living in the present moment with perfect balance between the heavens and the earth, the heart and the mind, the soul and the body, the future and the past. The only thing surrounding this present moment is a beautiful, supporting bubble of light and love that expands and grows as you spread your wings and fly. This card reminds you that you are ready and that support is always right there for you. Jump off the fence of status quo, of mediocrity, of everything’s “fine”… and REACH for the stars, reach for your dreams, reach for the BALANCE. They are all here right now, in the present moment - you need only decide… and JUMP.


This Tree of Life is lush, strong, and steady with roots deep in the earth and ancient wisdom of our ancestors. It’s branches extend to the heavens, connecting us to Source/God… divine light… divine knowledge. To gain alignment and wholeness in your life, nourish your own deep roots and high branches. How do your actions, thought, and feelings help foster this? If you are all up in your head overthinking things or in a world of fantasy, with shallow roots, your “tree” - your life, will tip over and not withstand the storm. If you bury your head in the day to day, you are missing out on extending your branches, reaching for the sun to be inspired by the heavens. Again a message of balance. Do you feel top-heavy and ready to topple, or is your growth stunted with no light or nourishment for the leaves to blossom? Dig deep into your heart and “Let your roots and branches be aligned with your heart’s longings.”


What is it that you seek? What is it that you are constantly hunting for? Do you not yet already have all you need, all you desire? Why are you looking for more and more and more… outside of yourself? The ancient hunters only took what they needed to survive, and yet we all keep grasping for more. Stop looking outside yourself and “follow the tracks left by Spirit to claim your bounty, which is already prepared and being offered to you. Do not follow the maps drawn by others, as they will not lead you true.” The truth is already within your heart… the wisdom is already known. Stop hunting, stop tracking, stop looking for more, and settle into your heart. Let go of the control and ALLOW the path to become clear, the signs to become evident, the light to show you the way. More is not more… alignment with your truth and abundance will follow.

Which card did you choose? Did it resonate with you???