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WOO Wednesday: LIVE Moon Oracle Card Readings w/ Laurie Elle


Join Laurie Elle LIVE on the Our Sight Your Light FB page for WOO Wednesday at 7:30 pm EST.

As we move from the Waxing crescent phase Into the first quarter moon phase, the stars tell us it is time to truly commit to the wishes, desires and intentions we set last week at the new moon...

Are you doubting your ability to see your dreams to fruition? Are you getting fearful that what you wanted may not actually be what you want now? Is your resolve being tested? If so...none of this is surprising! It’s what happens at this phase of the moon.

The moon tells us that now is the time for action. Decide...Is this still what you want? If not, let it go! Does it serve you? If not, let it go! Is it your ego that’s clinging or is this really what your Soul wants? Decide - Now is the time to go deep and really reconsider what you want, and if it’s from your heart... then the universe says... don’t quit now!

With the guidance of the Moonology Oracle cards and channeled messages from your guides, Laurie spend about 45 minutes helping you make sense of what’s going on right now and help you to move forward - whether it’s letting go or pushing forward - whatever best serves you and yours souls desires.