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Sunday Night Sanctuary: Clearing Holiday Energy w/ Laurie Elle


Join Laurie Elle LIVE to Clear up all that HOLIDAY ENERGY!!

Tonight is all about our Sacral Chakras - our centers of feeling and sensation motivated by pleasure, be it sound, taste, touch or sight. I will guide you through a brief meditation and healing on our Sacral chakra. We’ll invoke our Guides and Angels to clear any imbalances we may have attached to over the Holiday weekend, and we will clear any historical imbalances that are ready to be cleared and freed. We will also set the intention to become more aware of our Sacral Chakra health, especially during the holidays, and we will invoke help from our Spirit teams to help us stay clear of everyone else’s stuff!

Then I will ask 5 Spirit Animals to Join us, using the Power Animals Oracle Cards, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. Each of you can decide which card resonates with you before I reveal them. I will read the descriptions and channel any messages for us. These cards will guide us how to proceed with the changes and challenges we are currently facing and as a group, we will receive the protection and support from these powerful Animal Spirits in the coming weeks.