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Chakra Project KICKOFF & Card Readings w/ Laurie-Elle

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Welcome to Our Sight Your Light!. We are so excited that you are joining us for our Chakra Project! Our Sight Your Light is a Holistic Healing and Personal Development Collaborative. We are made up of Energy Healers, Lightworkers and Luminaries and our purpose is simple: We have linked arms to spread as much love, light and healing as possible, to people across the globe.

We created this Chakra Project to help you have a better understanding of the Energetic Chakra system as it relates to your physical and emotional being. We will share information about the basic history of the Chakra system, explain where theses subtle energy systems are physically located in your body, and provide you insight as to how each of these subtle energy centers impact specific elements of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Additionally, we will share and demonstrate basic Chakra balancing techniques using various methods, such as yoga, meditation and prayer, so you are better able to align and balance the energy in these Chakra points.

As you follow along with this challenge, you will learn how to balance and align your subtle energy Chakras, you’ll come to know why it’s important to do so, and you’ll have access to a team of lightworkers who are able and willing to support you along your journey to wholeness.

(This replay is in the OSYL Illuminate Your Soul Circle private FB group - GOOD NEWS, if you are not already a member, it is FREE TO JOIN!)