Stories of True Connection

The following are stories of Natasha's healing...will you be next?

Intuitive Reiki Alignment Success stories:

“I was drawn to Natasha from a group session, and I couldn't explain it, but I felt called to make an appointment with her. My first meeting with Natasha was not at all what I expected. I felt movement in my physical body as well as energetic movement.  I was quite ill after, I physically reacted in a very powerful way. Tears followed, and didn't stop for a few days, as I am not a cryer, I was pretty shaken by the experience. I found myself honestly dealing with some old origin story work, although I thought I had through years of therapy. I had one follow up session and was comforted with such clarity with regards to letting go of past and current challenges. I am lighter - physically and emotionally. I believe with certainty that Natasha has an authentic gift.”  ~ Maryanne Paul

“I was going through a very difficult time and was feeling overwhelmed by sadness. I was on a wait list to see a therapist and just felt so desperately that I needed to do something to help myself. The connection with Tasha in my very first reiki session was incredible. I felt a sense of relief...a deep emotional release that began my healing. I have been receiving regular reiki treatments and now feel like they not only have helped me on my road to emotional recovery, but also have helped me build a better, stronger version of myself.”   ~ S.F.

“I wasn't sure what I was searching for when I began working with Tasha and soon discovered she would become an important part of my spiritual journey. Tasha's warm & welcoming energy immediately put my mind at ease. In Tasha's presence I feel safe to be vulnerable and honest. She has the ability to gently guide me exactly where I need to be.

Tasha has given me practical tools to help acknowledge my feelings in an honest way. With her guidance I am beginning to recognize the things in my life that serve me well and things I can let go of. She encourages me to put into words what I need and ask for help.

After receiving a treatment from Tasha I have an immense feeling of love and lightness. My heart is full of love, compassion and acceptance. I feel as though a deep part of my story has been uncovered which I am able to shed new light on.”   ~ Sarah Pittao, Elementary School Teacher

"I have found Reiki with Natasha to be meaningful due to her multifaceted approach to healing. I come out of my time with her feeling rebalanced, centered, and with more connection to myself and purpose. Her intuitive-feeling nature is valuable to me since it assists me in identifying my own personal truths."   ~ R. Steele, Reiki Practitioner & Psychotherapist

Intuitive Rune Casting:

“Within Tasha lives a wisdom that permeates her entire being with the capacity to deeply connect with what  my spirit and soul needs. In my experience of Natasha’s Rune Castings, the Universe and my Guides trust Natasha, time and again, to channel their messages through her to me. She is a compassionate listener and offers incredible insight into the messages the Runes are trying to reveal. I am grateful for what I was able to learn about myself and my path from these sessions with Natasha.”   ~ Brooke Fry, Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Herbal Curator

Crystal Consult & Conscious Adornment:

“Tasha was one of three hosts of a fantastic evening of yoga, dance, and reiki. As we were meditating, I felt her hands come to my shoulder for reiki and immediately relaxed visibly. Later on, some of us were congregating around her crystals to create a beautiful formation as she was explaining the different stones to us. I felt immediately drawn and connected. We have stayed in touch, and I am so thrilled. Tasha has many gifts, and is such a joy.”   ~ Julia Marie Sheldon

"Tasha has an incredible way of knowing exactly what you need; her intuition is unmatched. She shares her wealth of knowledge through her reiki, crystals, teaching and her jewellery. I always feel held and grounded by her genuine want to help me be my best self. Thank you for always holding space for me to grow with love.”   ~ M. Cochrane of Me Yoga