Multidimensional Coaching & Clarity

Dive deep for answers and align with your Greatest Destiny!

A Multidimensional Coaching & Clarity Session (MDCC) is perfect for you if you want to move beyond the surface of your troubles or concerns, and dive deep to find answers.

During your multidimensional coaching session, HariManit Love will connect with your Spiritual Councils, a gathering of Guardian Angels, Spirit Beings or Guides who are present to support you. The mission of these Beings is to help you harness and draw from the energies aligned to your highest good and most desired destiny.

Who will benefit from a Multidimensional Healing?

You will benefit from a Multidimensional Healing if...

  • you are experiencing imbalances in your life, whether it be with your finances, relationships, health, or overall wellbeing.

  • you know that there is something more happening below the surface, but you need help to identify the issues and support moving through them.

  • you are willing to see beyond what is in front of you, and open to the endless possibilities of the Higher Realms.

Crown Thyself!

What is a Multidimensional Healing?

In this session, HariManit Love works with your Spiritual Councils to assess and remove the energy that may be blocking you from recognizing your purest potential.  With the support and guidance received from your Spiritual Councils, HariManit Love assesses your present situation and identifies the energies your Soul is ready to release or heal. She then offers clarity about the situation, challenge, or lesson that you are working through, along with the Divine guidance and recommendations she receives on your behalf. Lastly, she will help you move forward with extensive energy clearing, Divine insight, and suggestions to help integrate with ease and Grace.

Each Multidimensional Healing Session with HariManit Love (HML) is a new and exciting experience. There are infinite possibilities of what may come to the surface for you during the inquiry portion of your session. HML may uncover karma to be healed or released, attachment energies that need to be freed, energies from other times or spaces (such as a past life) coming to the surface for resolution, or perhaps you require the application of cosmic healings and attunements.

Your powerful Spirit Councils want you to be in alignment with your earthly mission. Aligning the energies that limit your ability to see clearly, awakens countless universal opportunities to find their way to you. Seeing life from a new lens provides a true opportunity to expand and grow. HML wants to help you learn from benevolent experiences; they are available to you now, just waiting for you to grasp and grow from their guidance.

“When we shift our energy, those experiences can come meet us and we are capable to answer that call.”

In collaboration with your High Councils, HML is shown how you can find the balance, healing and love you are looking for. She may be guided to offer support and balancing for energies in relationships, around money, or particular situations that are affecting you now. Yet the ultimate goal of HariManit Love’s work is to reconnect you to your High Self, as doing so will offer you the opportunity to release all that is not serving you and open the doors for endless opportunities.

HariManit wants to make sure that you are fully supported after your MDHS has come to a close. She does this by providing you with some form of take-away work after your session, such as a meditation, a mantra, sound healing, or spiritual practice to implement. This work will allow you to better integrate the healing you received, and keep you moving forward on your Soul’s path.

Crown Thyself!

Where, When and How?


When booking your Multidimensional Healing Session, you will be asked to provide 3 challenges or situations you want clarity around, and 3 emotions or experiences you want more of.

You will receive an email confirmation with link/phone instructions. On the day of your session, you should relax, have water available and come as you are.


Once you are connected via video conference, HariManit will further explain the process.

Plan to make yourself comfortable as HariManit Love works with your Spiritual Councils to assess and remove the root energy that may be blocking you from recognizing your purest potential. As she receives the information, support, and guidance, HariManit Love will discuss your present situation, and begin the work of relaxing you and healing that which your Soul is ready to let go of.

HariManit believes that you always have the capacity to be a clear channel for grace, joy, and love. Her primary goal in your session is to bring you into a place of coherence and balance with Spirit, so that your natural desire to manifest what is for your highest good is allowed to shine through. Once you are cleared and able to align to this level of coherence, you will be able to see the vast opportunities the universe has for you. The end goal is to uncover the knowing within you, so that with the help of Source, the truth of your being will shine through you with radiance and Grace.


The clarity you will receive in this session is designed to bring you ease and joy on your Soul’s chosen path. You will be able to crush your lessons and excel in grace with the tools she offers you to continue your process.

Upon completion of the session you may want to relax, dance, or nourish your body. Honor your experience.

You can expect to see changes in the energy of your situation instantly, over the next few days, and for the next few weeks, as different situations integrate differently.

Though follow up support is not normally required, within 48 hours, you can purchase one follow up email response with no more than 3 questions for $75. With this follow up, HariManit Love will re-tune into you and clear anything coming up prior to answering your questions.

Let's Get Started. Schedule your Multidimensional Coaching & Clarity Session now.

Crown Thyself!

Your consultation includes:

  • 60 or 90 minute recorded session which will be emailed to you upon completion

  • Suggest follow up as needed, which may include suggested sound healing, energy work, meditation, yoga, reading material, essential oils, or personalized recordings.