Monthly Group Clearing

Join others in an uplifting space for transformation and deep clearing!

Together we will awaken our truths, release our past hurts or pains, and anchor more light into our vessels. Joining in a group multiplies the intention, available energy, and possibilities for a deeper soul level healing.

This clearing is for people who are ready to commit to their caliber of consciousness in a simple way.

Sometimes we feel that we do not have the funds nor the time to create a sustainable practice, although we know we “should.” We know committing to one’s self would make a world of difference in our lives and the amount of stress or obstacles we will encounter, but it isn’t always easy or energetically available for us to show up every day.

As a single mom, I get it!

I have never seen my commitment to myself shift as it did after delivering my two babies. However, we must find a way to harness the energy and transcend the pressure on some consistent basis. This is a way for you to do that, and I intend that all who gather will be served by the heavens and guided by Grace daily.

What is a Group Clearing?

In a monthly 75 - 90 minute group clearing, HariManit Love will discuss the topic of focus and how that shows up energetically in our lives. She then will connect to the group’s energy and councils to begin assessing what is coming up to clear for everyone.

As we each carry multiple lives and timelines, awakening the energies that have laid dormant on a collective level provides a great shift for all participants.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with HariManit Love in an affordable way AND commit to your most benevolent path and a higher caliber of consciousness.

The monthly topics will be introduced in her free monthly mini-clearing in the OSYL Illuminate Your Soul Circle (FREE private FB group) the second Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm EST. This gives you a taste of how it works and what you may experience in a full clearing.

Those that join her mentorship program get this service for free during active participation.

The sessions will be held via ZOOM Video conferencing, but do not worry if you cannot attend each session LIVE as you will receive a recorded copy of the clearing which is equally as powerful in the replay.

Let's Get Started. Schedule your Monthly Group Clearing now.

Join others in an uplifting space for transformation and deep clearing!

Your clearing includes:

  • 75 or 90 minute recorded session which will be emailed to you upon completion