The Mission

The Our Sight Your Light Community (OSYL) was created to offer spiritual and holistic healing, as well as inspiration, guidance, education, training, enriching experiences, and insightful events. Our hope is that this community will not only contribute to your individual healing and personal growth, but to the overall expansion of the Collective Consciousness.

The Our Sight Your Light team are highly trained, gifted, professional and respected Soulful Practitioners who have linked arms to create a powerful and synergistic spiritual community. Our Soulful Practitioners are aligned with the primary intention of Our Sight Your Light, which is to help others discover and bring out the beautiful light that lives within them.

In a world full of challenges and negativity, OSYL is an expansive beacon of light, shining hope, joy and love to all corners of the world. Consider OSYL as your partner in Illuminating Your Soul.


The Vision

Every Soul’s journey is different; a never-ending winding path of growth, wisdom and enlightenment. Throughout our lives, we find ourselves searching and seeking, for our truth, for who we really are, for a connection to something greater than ourselves. Some of us are ready to jump both feet into self-discovery, healing, and get moving along our spiritual journey, while others remain more skeptical and cautious, but deep down know there is something more for them. 

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It is our vision at Our Sight Your Light to help you shine, regardless of where you are on your path. Our everyday content will educate you on holistic and spiritual topics, and we aim to inspire you along your journey. Our eclectic mix of Soulful Practitioners, Lightworkers and Luminaries will expose you to new, exciting, and creative intuitive healing modalities and offerings. Our spirited, in-person events and online community will make you feel at home and part of something amazing.

Let us light the spark and help you find what works for you, what floats your boat...what ILLUMINATES YOUR SOUL.



Our Founders

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I always knew I was supposed to help people...I just wasn’t sure how. I spent many years getting to this moment, taking chances, educating myself, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and doing my best to open to new growth opportunities and unseen possibilities.

The light within me was ever present, but I felt lost. I needed guidance and a way to express my light, but I just wasn’t sure where to begin. And then it happened. I experienced a major heart break that cracked me wide open, and as the Universe would have it, I chose love over hate and was called to heal.

As a result of this intense and pure moment of unconditional love, I came to understand my gift of intuitive sight and my ability to channel energetic healing for others. Once I channeled my first session, that was it; I knew I had found my calling. I finally realized that I was put here on earth to help people find the light within them. So, I gathered my courage and jumped.

I left my full time professional role in education, and I took all my life’s prior experience and formal education in business and education, coupled with my burning passion to share my vision with others, and from that desire came the birth of this beautiful community.   

Our Sight Your Light is the culmination of a lifetime of learning, and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to have the opportunity to share this with you.

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I am amazed at how the Universe guided me here. I never intended to be the co-founder of a highly evolved online spiritual community. I am classically trained as an engineer, and in the past, I tended to dwell in the socially acceptable, scientific based explanations of the here and now; spirituality was a concept that I pretty much avoided at all costs.  

My “awakening” process began quite unexpectedly, and has been rather slow and gentle. I wasn’t even aware that I needed some “enlightenment,” but the Universe took it upon itself to “wake me up.” In fact, the Universe starting getting my attention by subtly placing people, books, articles, signs, and gentle nudges in my purview. These slight nudges guided me in the direction of new possibilities and new perspectives. I did not truly understand the significance of this new information streaming into my awareness, until I woke up one day and felt completely lost. I started asking myself questions like, “How did I get here? Why do I feel empty, confused and unsettled?” 

Before I knew what hit me, I was no longer just floating along on this new path, but instead, I started to give my existence some real scrutiny and reflection. As a left brained engineer type, my natural inclination is one of cautious skepticism. And although I have moved forward with some trepidation, this spiritual journey has turned out to be nothing short of magical and truly empowering.  

The new concepts that I am learning & discovering are what I want to share with the world. I now firmly believe that we all have a light within us that is meant to shine. I am passionate about sharing that information with others, especially those who may be just like I was, lost and not even know it!

With all the “over the top,” “woo-woo” psychic, angel healing & metaphysical sites out there, it was important for me to help create a place where all practitioners & shared information passes “the skeptic test.” This is a measurement by which I gauge how other people, similar to me, will receive the services and support we share.  I believe we must share these modalities, knowledge, wisdom, courses and services in a way that adds value to your world, no matter where you are in your path of self discovery. Some of what we offer may resonate now, some may resonate later, but regardless where you are on your Spiritual journey, we want you to know that we understand you, and will continue to deliver high quality and relevant content for the greater good.

I am beyond grateful for this new leg of my journey and for the profound impact that “awareness” has had on me thus far. I look forward to what’s next for both you and me!


We are beyond thrilled to be working together. We know we are not only making it possible for countless individuals to receive the opportunity of spiritual healing and holistic support services, but that we are also providing a platform where other like-minded practitioners can easily and effectively share their gifts with the world. This is a dream come true for the both of us, and we are so happy to be connected to you!