Intuitive Guidance & Mini Hypnotherapy
for Stress and Trauma Release

There are so many amazing healing modalities, how do you know which is the best fit for your needs?  If you’ve been curious about hypnotherapy, this is the session for you.

In this 90 minute remote session, you will experience the best of Leanne’s signature services. She will combine her expertise in the area of stress relief, her compassionate guidance and release techniques for past or present trauma, and you’ll also receive a preliminary hypnotherapy session, so you can experience a taste of what is possible!

Leanne wants this healing experience to be just what you need, in order to know that you’ve found the provider and a healing “space” where you can find relief from tension, stress, pain and suffering. Leanne is here to hold you in a place of safety, love and respect.

Stress is not the situation you are in, but rather the emotion you tie to it.  When we find ourselves in a stressful situation or living through a traumatic event, we hold onto that event at a cellular level.  Our subconscious mind latches on to the data our mind produced at that time, and dictates how we operate from there on out. We usually outgrow the event, but our subconscious continues to operate using faulty data. This runs havoc in our lives.  

Our subconscious is also a bridge to our soul, and we are holographic beings - everything is energy really. When we use the power of our mind, our subconscious mind, and the power of our heart, we can reprogram the faulty data, clear the experiences at a cellular level, and from all time, space, and dimensions.  

When we learn to use our heart to manage our stress, we have a much greater chance of turning what could be a horrible situation, into just another day.

Heal your past, live in your now!

Who will benefit from Intuitive Guidance & Mini Hypnotherapy Session?

You will benefit from Intuitive Guidance & Mini Hypnotherapy Session for Stress and Trauma Release if you have experienced:

  • Trauma

  • Fears, phobias or nightmares

  • Grief

  • PTSD

  • Lack of energy

  • Lifelong issues such as relationship patterns

  • Emotional issues

  • Weight issues

  • Chronic medical conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Past-Life Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bad habits (such as nail biting, emotional eating or smoking)

  • Low self esteem or confidence levels

  • Stress

  • Spiritual Expansion questions

  • Life Purpose issues
Thank you so much ! This was amazing. I was given such an amazing gift through this, that I can tap back into whenever I need it. Things that were unclear before are very clear now. I was given clear visions of what holds me back and how to move forward. I could feel self-sabotage, doubt, fear, anxiety and more literally leaving my body and being replaced with such love and grace. I feel lighter and more tuned into my higher self.
— Melissa

What is a Intuitive Guidance & Mini Hypnotherapy Session?

We’ll begin our session by learning a very simple and quick tool for stress relief.  This simple tool completely turned Leanne’s life around, and you can use it whenever you begin to feel stress coming on.  Starting with this grounding and centering activity, allows us to make the most out of our short 90 minutes together.

Once this stage is set, we’ll get to the heart of the matter, straight away.  Using intuition and guidance (on both our parts), I’ll be able to help you identify what is imperative for us to work on.  

Come to your session with an open mind, trusting that you will receive exactly what you need.  Oftentimes clients will come with an idea of what they want to focus on, only to discover that something they’d never considered comes up as the issue we need to work on.

Areas we might work in can run the gamut from limiting beliefs, relationship triggers, lack of trust, fear of losing control, subconscious beliefs, habits and patterns, or events that have happened to you.  

Once we have a focus, we’ll begin our hypnotherapy journey, clearing what is troubling you, and helping you experience immediate results.  During this time we will:

  • transmute any ill energy into a love energy.  

  • clear any mutated or dark energies that are not of your own, replacing the spaces we clear with light and information.

  • meet any guides or angels who have been with you at various times in your life.  

  • work directly with your higher self.

  • seal your aura

As a side bonus, I will ask a very powerful channeled love consciousness to be present and guide us.

Where, When and How?


As soon as you make a commitment to yourself, the healing has started. This is a huge first step.

Once you book a session with Leanne, you will be given a link to her zoom meeting room.

To prepare for the session, please choose a quiet space, where you will not be disturbed. You’ll also want to be as comfortable as possible, a recliner, couch, or even a bed work nicely. As you relax, you may get chilly, so a light blanket is usually good to have handy.

You’ll also want to bring headphones, so you can hear Leanne and better tune out other noises around you. Finally, you’ll want to have a journal or something to write in, so you can write down anything you wish to remember from your session.


Leanne does her sessions on zoom, because she needs to be able to see your hands. You will need to be able to place your online devise perpendicular to you, such as on a stack of pillows or a table next to your chair.

During the hypnotherapy session, you will use your fingers - ideomotor signals- to communicate with Leanne, as this allows you to stay in a deeper trance state. Rest assured, you are always 100% in control, and you will never be asked to do anything silly like quack like a duck. All of this will be explained again during your session.

You will want to remember any messages you receive from your guides, or any insights you gain while you are in the quantum field, so we’ll take a few minutes near the end of our session to have you write in your journal. This will also help you process and integrate the session.


Everyone clears at a different rate, and has different experiences after a session. Some feel energized, some want to take a nap. Neither is an indication of the success of a session, it’s just how you process deep healing. Be prepared to implement your best self care practices after the session. Take a walk, do some grounding, take a bath, etc., and drink plenty of water, because you will release from a chemical level, so you will need to flush this out.

Continue to write in your journal as things come up for you.

I will be available to you to answer questions and help you process and integrate the session.

I have several ways for you to continue to work with me. These run the gamut from trauma healing circles, group stress management courses, and much deeper 1:1 cellular release hypnotherapy sessions.

Let's Get Started. Schedule your Intuitive Guidance & Mini Hypnotherapy Session for Stress and Trauma Release Sessions now.

Your healing includes:

90 minute healing session with Leanne which includes learning a HeartMath tool to manage stress, and hypnotherapy to clear energy that is not of your own, meet your guides and higher self, clear and lack of trust, and fear of losing of control, plus other beliefs or relationship issues.

Ongoing access to Leanne to help you process and integrate your session.