#MeToo Healing Group

Combine the power of hypnotherapy and intentional group healing.  

For many of us, if we’ve experienced trauma or abuse, we’re eager to move forward with our lives and leave that painful experience behind us. However, in order to truly heal and free ourselves from that pain and trauma, it’s important to acknowledge our experience and what we have been through. Oftentimes, connecting with others can help us realize that we are not alone, and connecting with others who understand you can greatly aid in your healing process.

Hypnotherapy is healing in a relaxed state of being. But more than that, we are able to change our brain waves and tap into the quantum field, where everything is possible.

In these healing circles, we are going to combine the power of hypnotherapy and intentional group healing. The Group will meet for 30 minutes, two times a week. All meetings will be conducted via video conferencing. You will have the opportunity to step forward during the Group Healing Circle, and if you feel called to, you can tell us your story. You are invited to step out of the victimhood of abuse, transforming that into strength and personal power. You will also experience a group hypnosis session, led by Leanne, with a focused intention for healing the remnants of abuse for everyone on the call.

If you have ever suffered from or have been the victim of abuse, and you want to heal from that abuse, this is a golden opportunity to experience a profound healing, unlike any other form of healing, or group process that you have experienced before.

The collective consciousness wants to heal.

The #MeToo Movement, has snowballed, because of the power of healing in the collective consciousness.  Once one woman stepped up, she empowered all of us to step up.  

I’m guessing that you may not be a celebrity with a big name and a big personality (but if you are, you are welcome here). A lot of high profile women have the chance to speak and be heard publicly, which is part of their healing process. But what about you? Where do you stand up and speak out? Who is going to give you a platform? Who is going to hear you?

That is why I have created the #MeToo Healing groups.

One of the most crippling aspects of abuse and having traumatic experiences, is that you find yourself alone. No one believes you. No one wants to hear about your pain, and if you do get someone to listen to you, often they will:

  • not understand.
  • think you are crazy.
  • side with the abuser.

I know, I’ve been there, too. That pattern will stop here! In this group, you will:

  • be understood.
  • be heard.
  • be supported.
  • be safe.
  • heal.

Who will benefit from the #MeToo Healing Group?

Maybe you are in or have been in a long-standing abusive relationship.  

  • Do you have experience with a narcissist?  
  • Have you been sexually harassed at work or at home?  
  • Have you been raped?  
  • Were you touched inappropriately?
  • Do you have PTSD from sexual trauma?
  • Have you been emotionally, financially, verbally, or physically abused?
  • Did someone just give you the creeps, and you can’t shake it?

One thing is for certain, if a trauma has had a negative effect on you, then you need to heal it. There is no judgement, or scale of 1-10 on how bad it is.  

This is perfect place to step into that healing journey. For you, it may be a beginning, or it may complete the circle. We won’t know until you say yes to yourself.

What is a #MeToo Group Hypnosis and Healing Circle?

Working in the space of the #MeToo group hypnosis and healing circles, there are three parts.

1.  During the meetings, one person will be invited to step up and share her story of abuse. We want to hear the how, the when, the who. We want to hear how you feel, and what this is doing in your life. This is a time to be heard. You can speak up, un-interrupted!

If you are in the group, this is a time for you to listen. We aren’t here to offer advice, or give practical tips at this time. It is powerful, supportive, and healing to hold the space for someone to talk.

2.  After you have told us your story, you will be invited to affirm that you will no longer be a victim to a person or a pattern of abuse. We will help you compose your affirmation. Saying it out loud in the group is powerful, as you are making a public declaration. Once you do this, it’s hard to ever go back. Plus, you will have an affirmation that you can use every day, for the rest of your life.

3.  Lastly, I will lead us in a short group hypnosis, that will benefit all of us on our healing journey. We will spend time with the collective consciousness and in the quantum field, where the magic happens. We will tap into your subconscious mind, and you will be connected with your higher self, your guides, and some of the most powerful protectors that I have access to.

All three steps are equally important.

I’m sure you’ve heard “it is better to give than to receive.” Well, in this case, I think that is absolutely true. Every time you direct your intentional healing towards another group member, you will be opening yourself up to being able to receive your own healing from them.

Therefore, it is really important for you to participate full on. The more you give, the more you will receive. It’s a two way street.

There will also be a FB support group, Survivor to Thriver. This is the space to give advice, ask practical questions, and stay in touch with members of the group.

All you really have to do is sign up!  

I encourage you to set aside time for the group calls, that way they will be on your radar, and you are committed to healing. You are making a commitment to both yourself, and the other group members.

The first time you join the group, I will introduce you.

The group will meet for 30 minutes, twice a week. This will give you plenty of opportunities to step up and share your story, as well as your progress. This will also give you plenty of access to the group hypnotherapy healings.

The sessions will be recorded in two sections. If you are speaking, I will send you a private link to the telling of your story, and your affirmation. (If you don’t want this, just let me know).

I will send everyone a copy of the group hypnosis part, so you may listen as many times as you like.

I encourage you to participate in some sort of healing practice every day. This can be in the form of meditation, listening to the hypnosis recordings, saying affirmations, and remembering to set intentions of healing for the other group members.

You will have ongoing access to the FB support group. This way you won’t lose touch with other group members.  

If you are serious about healing from abuse by working with me 1:1 in my cellular release hypnotherapy programs, I will share the details with you.  

Also, learning to manage our stress is super important. I used HeartMath to navigate my abusive situation, and it made a huge difference. You are also invited to join either my HeartMath 1:1 program or one of my group programs. HeartMath is a tool you can use to prevent your experiences from becoming traumatic experiences.

Being in an abusive situation, or being the victim of abuse or trauma is confining, isolating, and lonely. This is your opportunity to change that! Group healing is powerful. The collective consciousness wants us to heal. You do not have to go it alone anymore.

In this group, you will be understood, heard, supported, safe, and you will heal.

Join the #MeToo movement, in a very personal way.

Meet with and support other women in your situation.  

Heal yourself, as you help heal others.

When I was in an abusive relationship, I just wanted someone else to try and understand me. When I experienced sexual abuse and harassment, I kept my mouth shut, because I was too afraid. Was I crazy? NO, but it sure felt like it. Was this the life I was supposed to live? NO, but I had no clue how to get out. Who was ever going to listen me?

Healing is your key to freedom. It all needs to heal, and we have the power to heal it.

Joining this group is a huge step on the healing path. You need this.

For you, this group may be a beginning for your healing process, or it may complete the circle. You won’t know until you say yes to yourself.  

The members of your group and I are here for you, waiting and hoping you'll join us.

Just click below to sign up.  

See you in the group.

Where, When and How?


  • Simply make the decision that enough is enough and you are ready to heal.
  • You are invited to sign up for 6 weeks at a time. (12 calls).
  • Watch for a confirmation email from info@oursightyourlight.com. It will contain all the details and a link to my zoom meeting room.
  • I will send you a link to a recorded webinar about the science behind group healing. Please watch this to better understand how this works.


  • All of the calls will be conducted via zoom, and recorded.
  • There will be 2, 30 minute calls a week. One during the day, and one in the early evening. Participate in as many live calls as you can.
  • Each call will be dedicated to one person. During the first half of the call, she will have the opportunity to step forward and tell us her story and share her progress. Then we will compose an affirmation for her.
  • The number of participants in the group will be limited so that we all have a chance to be heard, but there will be enough people and energy to experience the power of group healing.
  • The last part of the call will be a group hypnosis.
  • During the calls, please plan to be in a comfortable space, where you will not be disturbed. This is YOUR time! Also please plan on being present (ie, not doing the dishes, or checking FB). Headphones are very helpful too. They encourage and aid you to tune inward.
  • In group healing circles, studies have shown that the participants heal more when they are giving healing. So it will be important for your healing process to participate and help the other members of the group heal. You can do this by listening to our stories, participating in the group hypnosis (both on and off the live calls), and sending healing intentions to who ever the last call is dedicated too. There will be more instructions on this during the live calls.
  • If you can not make the live calls, listen to the recordings and participate as if you were on the call.
  • Be active in the survivor to thriver facebook group. The calls are for listening. The FaceBook group will give us space to offer advice and resources. This is NOT a space for judgement and criticism.


  • Healing is a journey. You can sign up for as many 6 week sessions as you like. As you make your transformation, you may want ongoing support. This is a perfect way for you to continue to get that support.
  • If you are ready to take your healing to a deeper level, together, we can explore working with me 1:1 in my cellular release hypnotherapy program. This is by far, the deepest personal work I have ever encountered.
  • Also, learning to manage our stress is super important. I used HeartMath as a tool to navigate my abusive situation, and it made a huge difference. I offer both group and individual HeartMath coaching. HeartMath is a tool you can use to prevent your bad experiences from becoming traumatic experiences.

Let's Get Started. Join our #MeToo Group Hypnosis & Healing Circle now.

The Circle includes:

  • 12, 30 minute live calls

  • Group hypnotherapy recordings

  • Access to the private FB group

  • Access to Leanne through private message on FB, and she will respond within 24 hours.