Stories of True Connection

The following are stories of Lynne-Marie's connections...will you be next?

She’s unbelievable! She provided me and my family with so much comfort and closure. Definitely come see her!” ~ Cynthia P.

“She is amazing. I need to make another appointment with Lynne-Marie! Dead on....all pun intended lol.” ~ Rochelle C.

“I have a gathering at least every 6 months, this time, 4 months because of how great Lynne is. My friends tell their friends and ask if I would have another one. Lynne reads everyone in our group,theres no get up and leave in 2 hours You can leave ( if you have to )But she wont, She stays til you all get a message and it could be a 10 minute read. If its too personnel, she will invite you to her office in Bridgewater when you can sit with her, Who does that ? Lynne’s worth every minute... >^.,.^<“ ~ Ellen N.

“Thank you again Lynne-Marie you truly are gifted!!! Your the Best!! ❤️❤️” ~ Kathy H.

“Thank you Lynne- we laughed, we cried and we were amazed with your gift! Thank you again!” ~ Nancy S.

“I haven't talked to my mother in 26 years...and you answered my questions...Thank you very much for making my heart happy...” ~ Kathy R.

“It was a great night, many healing messages and lots of laughs!” ~ Jodi B.

“Thank you for sharing your gift and bringing healing love.” ~ Regina Q.

“Thank you for coming to the garden! You never disappoint. Every single person was touched by an angel. You are one beautiful soul. ❤️” ~ Kat B.

“Thank you for coming I’m truly speechless. You did an amazing job!” ~ Christine M.

“Thank you Lynne, you have a special gift.” ~ Kathy A.

“Thank you so much! Seeing my daughter smile is priceless!” ~ Lisa C.

“Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie thank you so much for my reading and showing me the path. It was great seeing you again hope to see you again soon! 🙏” ~ Danielle Z.

“She is amazing!” ~ Lisa W.

“She’s the best!!!” ~ Kathy H.

“Thank you for reading our family today it brought some much needed closure to our hearts! We will
Be coming back!!” ~ Amanda D.

“You are so amazing! So grateful for all you shared with us! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you again!” ~ Jill B.

“Thank you for last night. There was a lot said that a lot of us needed to hear, easy or hard. 💫” ~ Terri J.

“Thank you for your help this weekend. I brought my nephew...he was beaming when he left. You connected him with his bestfriend!” ~ Lisa M.

“Thank you Lynne-Marie it was another successful night. You never disappoint. Your messages are always spot on.” ~ Kim S.

“It was perfectly wonderful!! Thank you for reconnecting us for a few hours with our loved ones.” ~ Patty F.

“What you do is such a gift and it helps so many people. .God bless.” ~ Belinda B.

“Such a wonderful experience 💜” ~ Scott S.

“Thank you for the clarity!” ~ Laurie D.