Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie

Spirit Medium, Psychic, and Tarot Master

A Bridge to Spirit

Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we die; where we go when we leave physical form in this lifetime? Are you or someone you love grieving the loss of a loved one? Are you looking for answers to help you move away from past pain and sorrow that seems to have no end?

Lynne-Marie, Evidential Medium and Tarot Master, can help you move through this sorrow. Her gift of mediumship allows her to tune in and translate messages from your passed loved ones. It may just be a comforting hello, or it could be key information needed to help you move forward. If a loved one who passed is wanting to step up and be heard, Lynne-Marie will pass that message on to you.

Many who are in contact with Spirit will tell you that our loved ones never really leave us, that their energy, personalities, and love for us is ever present. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could receive confirmation from your loved ones of this? To know for certain that they are still here, watching over you, caring for you, loving you from afar? Lynne-Marie acts as an energetic bridge; a link between our physical world and the Spirit world that lay just beyond the veil. A Mediumship connection with Lynne-Marie is so much more than just a chance to speak to your loved ones; it is an opportunity to heal.

Lynne-Marie is also a Master Reader of the Tarot, a centuries-old form of divination. She connects to the universal energy present in all of life’s situations and has innate abilities to interpret and hear Divinely inspired messages as they relate to the Tarot cards pulled for you. Move away from the grief, sorrow or confusion you may be experiencing as Lynne-Marie guides you through the detailed information and messages from the cards.

Let Lynne-Marie be your guide, the one who walks across the Bridge to Spirit with you, the one that reunites you with the loved ones you long to feel and hear again.


Private Evidential Mediumship

Mediumship, Spirit Medium

Evidential Mediumship sessions are the perfect way for you to connect with someone you’ve lost. This form of connection goes beyond simply communicating with your passed loved ones, it also offers the opportunity to heal any unresolved grief that may be hindering your life.

As a natural born clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient Medium, Lynne-Marie is able to physically see, feel and hear your passed loved ones. She has a powerful connection to those who have crossed over. If they have a message for you, she can deliver it. Depending on your loved one’s ability to communicate in Spirit form, she may also rely on her ability to see and interpret visual impressions, symbols, and scenes from the spirit world (heaven) and then translate their relevance and meanings for you.

Let Lynne-Marie help you cross the Bridge to the Spirit world and connect you to your past loved ones; let her help you discover what messages they may have for you.


Tarot Reading

Tarot Cards, Tarot Master

Tarot is a centuries old form of divination that is fueled by universal life force energy. The guidance you receive from the Tarot is intended to inform you on all aspects of your life - career, love, family relationships, finances and more. As a Master Tarot Reader, Lynne-Marie is able to expertly translate the energy of the Tarot into easy to understand guidance and information that the universe is wanting you to know.

Lynne-Marie encourages you to come prepared with specific questions, as this will allow her and the Guides who present themselves for you to get specific and detailed about the suggestions and support they offer.

Let Lynne-Marie guide you with Divine Guidance and her master level knowledge of the Tarot.


Online Group Mediumship Gallery (up to 20 people)

Mediumship Galleries, Messages from Heaven

An online Mediumship Gallery is when you and a small group of participants come together in an online room for a group Mediumship Gallery style reading demonstration. Lynne-Marie will be speaking to loved ones who have crossed-over. Gallery demonstrations are a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of Evidential Mediumship within a group of people.

Lynne-Marie cannot guarantee that all guests will receive a connection with their loved ones in the allotted time frame, but she always does her best to make a spiritual connection whenever possible.