Stories of Healing

The following are stories of Lois's healing...will you be next?

From the moment I met Lois I knew she was special!  Lois is warm, caring, funny and most importantly, down to earth!  After a series of amazing one on one sessions, I decided to take part in her Angels of Emotions course.  The course was informative, helpful and uplifting.  It helped me become more self aware and work through struggles as they arise.  She helped me realize, return to loving  myself!  I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed.   ~ Christine MacIntosh Lyna

Hi, I have just had a reading from Lois, and WOW!, Lois drew 3 cards for my reading and I was sitting there with goosebumps listening to how amazingly accurate they were. Lois, without knowing my circumstances was telling me, exactly what I had been trying to do, but without much success, thanks to the guidance and messages, I now have a clearer path to work with. I would highly recommend this beautiful talented lady to anyone without hesitation. Thank you so much xx <3   ~ Kayla

Lois is one of the very few who's energy work I can physically feel. Usually within 10 seconds I feel an incredible sense of calm and all-knowing that everything is just perfect. AMAZING it was to feel a blanket of calm and peace lay gently over me and allow me to start the day from this beautiful limitless energy.  I'm lucky enough to receive monthly energetic tune ups from her, which is exactly what I need when I fill my days with business and busyness. Highly recommended if you are looking for a simple self care activity to honour yourself.   ~ Anna Shelley

Lois is extraordinary So very talented. I was so thrilled to be gifted a 15m session. Lois was calm & gentle & the angels calmed &settled me.

I felt an immediate change in my extraordinary  calmness.

Thank you have an amazing gift ❤️   ~ Robbie

I was lucky enough to get a free 15 minute session with Lois. All I know is that during the session I became so relaxed instantly that I felt like I was melting into the chair. I know without doubt that I was getting a healing. Really beautiful energy and the feedback Lois gave was spot on and something to think about. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a session with Lois.   ~ Donella

I had a session with Lois on releasing past relationship ties and blocks and I feel so free and wonderful.

If you have some issues with intimate relationships in the past or even currently, do not hesitate to book a session with her. She is super fun, on spot, caring and amazing woman.

Her healing and insights will help you no matter where you are on your journey xx.   ~ Ellie

Thank you Lois, you are a wonderful woman. I have just told my daughter about you and how you gave her a distance healing. She commented, "Oh so that's why my arm had no pain today, I had heaps of pain yesterday but none today, mum can you tell her that India loves her and thanks her." You are a gift Lois thank you x

Hi Lois, Just sharing with you the wonderful news today for India! She had a repeat X-ray on her arm and saw the orthopedic surgeon. Well, She has no pain, really great range of movement in the elbow and they are quite amazed by how quickly her arm has healed! She still needs to take it easy for a few weeks but everything is looking positive. Thank you for caring so much to help my daughter Lois. Much appreciated.   ~ Pauline

I've been blessed to have a session with you and was amazed at how graceful and relaxing the healing was for me. It brings a new meaning to clearing past trauma using the light. I highly recommend your healing to anyone who is curious.   ~Anna Binah Feldman

Thanks for the awesome healing Lois. I have no back pain AT ALL! You are Townsville's Healer for the Healers! And thankyou 💜 to all your Angel Guides for their loving amusements and belly laughs! I feel fantastic. Thankyou, Thankyou 💛   ~ Megan

#ShoutOutSunday Massive thanks to Lois Lovegrove Intuitive Healer and her awesome Angels of Emotions Aura Healing Session. It was sooooooo helpful. Now I feel so much more joyful and relaxed. <3 <3 <3   ~ Andrea

Thank you Lois! Interesting as I have been feeling a heavy, shut off, low energy over the last day that I couldn't shift. The first few minutes now was still heavy and then about 10 minutes in (rough estimate) I could feel the energy shifting significantly, getting greater all the time.

I'm now sitting here giggling away to myself, feeling very excited and light again - can't wait to get on with the day. Thoughts coming through were changing, though can't think for the life of me what they were now.

That stagnant heavy feeling has gone and flow is back. Very strong energy. It feels like it's still anchoring as it's getting stronger.

Now I understand what that was about. I couldn't see it clearly, and now I can. You're spot on with all the emotions and the progression of it all. Big note to self for several things after this!!

That was so powerful in just 15 minutes. Thank you so much. You've just made my week!!! Fabulous!!   ~ Claire Bagehot

Wow, I had a very powerful and amazing theta healing session with the gorgeous Lois Lovegrove Intuitive Healer this week. I could feel waves of healing energy surging through me as she was working on me and have been experiencing release and deep shifts within my being ever since. My deepest gratitude to you beautiful Lois, you are an amazing healer.   ~ Arnalisha xxx

Thanks Lois for my session when you were back in NZ. It was very peaceful and after I felt utterly relaxed, like I had 8 hours sleep. Now several weeks later I still feel relaxed and stressful situations don't seem to get at me as once they would have.   ~ Raewyn

For over a decade I had severe lower back pain which the medical profession said was from a car accident I had at the age of 17, they said it was sciatica. I had taken so many pain relief tables and injections over the course of 10 years. I was taking more and more but the pain was never gone. I had one, one hour session with LOIS and have been pain free ever since, each day I give thanks for being pain free I now love life again .

My daughter suffered with headaches every day and night for nearly 3 years of her life. She was only 9 years of age when they started. Same thing done all the medical things for her, to no avail, she was on heavy pain killers for all that time as well. Sam had one, one hour session with LOIS and she has been pain free ever since.

Lois changed both of our lives that day and we will be grateful to her forever. No more pain killers.   ~ Sandra

Thetahealing was recommended to me as a way to cope with negativity in my life. It did that and gave me a whole new perspective on things. I feel like a better person from the experience and thoroughly recommend it to anyone.   ~ Sharon D

I can not recommend Lois highly enough to do her gifts justice! Anyone who values the ability to live their life with ease and grace should book a session right now! Lois helped me immensely in areas of love, health and my inner strength, uncovering the things I had overlooked or was not able to comprehend at the time. You definitely won't regret sharing time with this lovely lady!   ~ Racheal Cannard