Lois Lovegrove - Intuitive Healer, Angel Channel and Heart Song Purveyor

Intuitive Healer, Angel Channel and Heart Song Purveyor


Experience more love, joy and peace in your life!

As you wake in the morning, is your heart singing as you contemplate the day ahead, or are you filled with worry, or even worse, feelings of dread? Hope, joy and peace are the key emotions we are meant to experience, and it’s your intrinsic right to experience them.

So how do we shift from dread to joy? Sometimes short lived external joy can interrupt that suffering. But to experience lasting positive emotional experiences, something needs to change. That something is energy.  

Everything we see, touch, and experience, is made up of invisible energy, including our bodies. This energy ebbs and flows with the circumstances we find ourselves experiencing. This energy creates our human life force; it impacts our perspectives, our moods, our physical and emotional bodies.

If we are not actively engaged in balancing and caring for this energy, we can become more vulnerable to the people, events, and situations around us. This energy is strong, but easily affected.  When balanced, this is what allows us to feel the hope, and experience the joy and peace that is innately ours.

Energy healing, in its many forms, can support us during any unsettling times in our life. It may also act as a catalyst for the change we long for. The change needed to repair our energetic imbalances and dissolve our blockages.  

As a healer, my energy healing addresses and dissolves these blockages, providing your physical and mental bodies the opportunity to align with the hope, joy, and peace which are yours to recapture. Let’s start building a stronger foundation for ongoing physical and emotional healing.

Awaken Your Emotions

Join Lois for this 8 week course beginning May 7th!

With “so much to do,” it can become a habit to push aside or hide our emotions - positive and negative ones - until eventually we do not even recognize ourselves, or know what we even feel.

Enhance your intuitive connection to Spirit and the Angels
so you can breakthrough limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing life to the fullest.


Divine Oracle Session with Angel of Emotions Clearing

Angel of Emotions

Is life tough for you at the moment? Does it always feel like a struggle? If you are tired of feeling like you’re being swamped by emotions and worry, then a Divine Oracle Session with an Angel of Emotions clearing is just what you need.

A Divine Oracle Session will help you identify the root causes of your “problems.” You’ll be able to see what is really happening underneath the surface of the emotional circumstances you are experiencing.

The accompanying Angel of Emotions Clearing session will offer relief from the uncomfortable emotions you are experiencing, and allow you to move your current situation forward. It’s like you’ll experience a Divine “time-out,” just for you. You can close your eyes and allow the world and all its problems to disappear, even if it's just for a short moment in time. The Angels of Emotion can help you release your pain and sorrow, and just be in the present.


Intuitive Guidance and ThetaHealing® Sessions

Intuitive Guidance - ThetaHealing

Are you suffering? Are there events or situations in your life that you can’t seem to put behind you? Is there a trauma or loss that continues to haunt you, keeping you from moving forward in your life? Do you feel like you keep running into roadblocks in your relationships or your business, and you just don't know the right next steps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, allow Lois to tune into you and your Higher Self to determine how she can help you and exactly what it is that your Divine team is wanting you to know.  Lois will first provide you with the guidance she receives on your behalf and action steps you can take to start moving away from the suffering and sorrow you are experiencing. She’ll then provide you with a ThetaHealing® session, which will help free you from the energetic ties that bind you to the pain and sorrow.


Heart Song ThetaHealing®

Heart Song

Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be truly happy? To have a light-filled heart that sings with joy? If not, then Lois wants to help you experience this, through her beautiful and loving Heart Song ThetaHealing® service.   

Lois understands that the more sadness, loss, betrayal, trauma and anger you have experienced, the more sadness that your heart’s song will emanate. Via an amazing ThetaHealing® technique, Lois tunes into the tone of your heart’s song. Clearing your Heartsong will help release old negative memories from within it, and once you do, you will find that life will become happier. Adjusting the song in you heart will help you to more easily attract the things that you truly desire into your life. This will also help to uncover any other organs, that are holding on to sadness and sorrow, and are needing to have their songs sung as well. Lois will lovingly guide you, as you finally let go of all the old pain and sorrow.

If you are you ready to experience a heart full of love and happiness and want to step into your true magnificent self, then let Lois help your heart sing the gorgeous joyful song it is meant to share.