Stories of Breakthrough

The following are stories of Leanne's healing...will you be next?

The work Leanne does is utterly brilliant. Her straight forward, depth of clarity is profound. She seriously moves mountains. I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

~ Lindsay Wilson, Business Strategist


There was a beautiful trust that was felt and allowed me to let go, to trust Leanne and whatever was unfolding. 

 ~ Rick, Retired EMT


Leanne has that old soul quality about her that connects in ways beyond the spoken word. She can have that 'conversation' that no one else can. 

~ Kathleen Murray, Life and Career Coach


My session with Leanne was very powerful. I had an argument with my partner, even though it was over, I was still feeling shaken from the experience and reached out to Leanne for support. She led me through a process that was easy to relax and open to. I felt so light and fresh. Like I had just woken from a nap or got done swimming in a cool pool. As the day continued I noticed my partner had been affected too, he was relaxed and more present in his body. The most amazing aspect was that evening before bed I was falling asleep the light we called in was still in affect. I was unexpectedly guided to bless and forgive someone from my past that spontaneously came across mind's eye. I fell asleep feeling so nurtured by this love offering Leanne helped me tap into through the Heart Of Elijah.
~ Reya


Hi Leanne, Greetings. I wanted to let you know some feedback about the session I did with you. To be honest, I have experienced a profound shift in my energy post the session. All the feelings of hatred and anger towards my father have gone and instead, love, compassion and genuine care have taken their place. I am amazed at the shift in my energy. Also, the change is permanent. I haven't experienced any fluctuation in my feelings and the old feelings haven't made their recurrence, even once. I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a profound and life changing session. I would recommend you to anyone who can be helped by you. Keep up the great work. Love and Light, ~ Ravinder


I went to Leanne to learn about what she is doing with Heartmath™ and came away with so much more.  

Leanne's patient instruction, along with the easy to learn skills of Heartmath, helped me to develop the calm and clear focus I needed to make a big decision that I was spending a lot of energy avoiding.  

I would recommend Leanne and Heartmath to anyone who feels blocked by anxiety and fear. It is easy to learn and simple to put into practice. Leanne creates a safe place to practice the skills. Leanne's patient and nonjudgmental approach helped me feel trusting and willing to try something new.  

After learning Heartmath from Leanne, and seeing for myself the immediate benefits, I practice it with my counseling clients regularly. I find the body based approach of Heartmath easier for clients to practice than mindfulness. ~ Trisha

I can see that I wouldn't have been able to go as deep by myself. It was so helpful to have Leanne guide me through so my mind could rest and the healing could penetrate the subconscious and open to the healing available. I felt so uplifted I want to do more! The sessions work. I recommend.   ~ MaryLou

I had a session with Leanne on mostly Fear and limiting beliefs...she is awesome and the results are already evident in my feelings, actions & business! I would highly recommend her.   ~ Cynthia

Thank you so much ! This was amazing. I was given such an amazing gift through this, that I can tap back into whenever I need it. Things that were unclear before are very clear now. I was given clear visions of what holds me back and how to move forward. I could feel self sabotage, doubt, fear, anxiety and more literally leaving my body and be replaced with such love and grace. I feel lighter and more tuned into my higher self.   ~ Melissa

After just one session with Leanne, I am doing great. I'm processing and having a lot of "a ha" moments.  

It's like opening a whole new door to me, that I can move forward through. It's a freedom I have not known before.   ~ Cheryl DeKoevend

I approached Leanne with an issue I’ve struggled with on and off for a very long time, belonging and connectedness. My spiritual practices have allowed me to find and flow through the undercurrents of my issue finding understanding and clearing to a certain degree.  

On this particular day, I just felt blindsided by a trigger that came up when I thought I had made so much progress in the realm of “belonging”. Feeling so disconnected, I turned to LeAnne for support and guidance. LeAnne facilitated a “Heart of Elisha” healing for me. What I can say about that experience is that I went deeper than I ever have with myself and reached a place I can only describe as “The Aquifer” I understood that I had only been skimming through the undercurrents of my desired wellness, missing the deep well of truth and healing that was available to me, within me.

Aided and guided by LeAnne's work, I found my way there, and now have the sense of connection and belonging I was searching for, yearning for. I understand clearly what belonging truly means and was given a way to find and cultivate that connectivity. Thank You, LeAnne, for your heart, presence, wisdom and therapeutic neutrality. But most of all, thank you for the tremendously loving work you do that comes only from the beautiful woman your are.  

With Sincerity from my Warm Heart,   ~ Bernice