Leanne McClain

Transformational Healer & Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive Readings, HeartMath Coach, Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for Transformational Healing from Physical and Emotional Paine


Melt away Stress and Embrace Balance, Peace and Joy

Do you still relive past trauma or hurtful events in your dreams? Do you find yourself losing sleep over this?  

Are you scared, easily triggered, or simply wondering if life is really supposed to be so hard?

We all experience some degree of stress in our lives, resulting from many different factors... relationships, disappointments, financial concerns, illness, and so on. Many of us have also experienced some form of trauma or abuse. If left unchecked, stress and trauma can ruin our lives. Not dealing with these issues can be debilitating, making us sick, or leading to serious challenges with our emotional and physical health.

I believe we all have the opportunity to recover from stress, from trauma and abuse, and make peace with the root causes of our suffering. Unfortunately, I see many people aren’t really sure how to effectively achieve this relief, and their uncertainty adds to their suffering. Choosing not to look more closely at the underlying causes of your stress, or to heal from abuse and trauma, can leave you stuck in perpetual cycles of pain and sorrow.

I’m here to tell that life is joyous.  Life is a gift.  Life is love.  Life does not have to be filled with stress, trauma or disappointment. Believe it or not, healing is easy.  Our Universe operates from a platform of LOVE.  When you put your trust into this love, anything becomes possible.  

Through all of my experience and training, I’ve come to understand that stress is not the situation you are in, but rather it is the emotion you assign to that situation. Your heart has the power to help you choose and manage your reaction to any given situation, whether you perceive it to be stressful or not. And coming to understand this and work with your heart is easy! Your heart is a tool you can use to separate from stress, to enhance and develop your intuition, to help get you in “the zone,” and is ultimately a gateway to the spiritual vortex.

Our heart is our guide on our path to Spiritual awakening. You have the power and the choice to take our daily human experiences, our gifts, and use them to advance your own spiritual awakening and the good of all. Let me show you how.

Heal your trauma. Heal from your abuse. Transform the stress in your life, and turn it into your advantage.  

My invitation to you, is to take a leap of faith with me. Realize the divine light and love that you are, and heal. My purpose is to help my clients find relief from the effects of abuse, trauma, or PTSD, and to help you see that it is possible to have a healthier, happier, and joyful existence.  

Let me help you heal from your past, and live in your now.


Medical Intuitive Session

Medical Intuitive Reading

In this hour long session, Leanne will use her medical intuition to get to the root cause of your pain or disease. By tuning into your energy and your body, she can scan your systems - physical, emotional & energetic - to look for and identify blockages or possible traumas that may be manifesting physically as pain or disease.

She will also share any intuitive messages she receives about your healing journey.


Healing for Chronic Pain

HeartMath Coaching Groups

In these sessions, Leanne uses her medical intuition, the wisdom of a channeled love consciousness, and a specific set of healing frequencies to help you heal your chronic pain.

You can expect to Heal a Fundamental Limiting Belief around your pain. while establishing a new Energetic Signature to live a pain-free life. Erase your Habit and Pattern of living with pain, and establish a new habit and pattern living without pain. Heal Mutated Energy that you have created with yourself around your pain, and create a way to stop creating this energy. Finally, you will experience Remote Energetic Healing and receive an Intuitive Message about your healing journey.


HeartMath Coaching 1:1 (4 week sessions)

HeartMath Coaching

Stress Management from a spiritual perspective, using the power of your heart.

Our life span is greatly influenced by the number of years our hearts can hold up to the pressures of UNRESOLVED STRESS. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn to live with, manage, and master techniques to help you lessen your stress. Reducing Stress is easy when you learn to control your reactions and responses to the many stressful situations you face on a daily basis.

You are invited to work with Leanne in 4 private sessions. These sessions will be custom tailored to your specific needs. Private sessions provide you with your own personal blueprint for healing and management of the most stressful aspects of your life, in areas such as relationships, family, career, health, or performance.

We will meet once a week for 4 weeks, on zoom. All sessions will be recorded in the event you are not able to make the live session, and you will be able to download the recording, allowing you to have unlimited access to the information. You will also receive a workbook to follow, packed with the vital information you need to understand this stress reduction service.


Intuitive Guidance & Intro Hypnotherapy Session for Stress and Trauma Release

Intuitive Guidance, Hypnotherapy

Leanne knows that choosing the right Holistic Service provider is so important, so she created this single session for you to experience the kind of healing she has to offer. Leanne wants this healing experience to be just what you need, in order to know that you’ve found the provider and a healing “space” where you can find relief from tension, stress, pain and suffering. Leanne is here to hold you in a place of safety, love and respect.

In this 90 minute remote session, you will experience the best of Leanne’s signature services. She will combine her expertise in the area of stress relief, her compassionate guidance and release techniques for past or present trauma, and you’ll also receive a preliminary hypnotherapy session, so you can experience a taste of what is possible!


1:1 Cellular Release Hypnotherapy for Trauma/ healing from abuse

Cellular release

Single sessions are available, though due to the nature of the work, multiple sessions are recommended.

  • 30 day package - 4 sessions

  • 90 day package - 12 sessions (*recommended for the most benefit)

Are you ready to make peace with your past? Does a part of you feel like it’s still waiting to be healed?

Cellular Release Hypnotherapy is a profound healing service for the broken-hearted little girl in all of us, who has suffered from a trauma, whether that be physical, emotional, psychological, or cellular.  

1:1 sessions with Leanne are so powerful, because she guides you to uncover and access your own power to heal. She gives you the tools to access your personal power and to openly receive divine healing. It IS possible to have a healthier, happier, and joyful existence, by making peace with your past. Do not let your past define who you are today. Heal your past, live in your now!

Each package will be custom tailored to your specific needs. Private sessions provide you with your own personal blueprint for maximum healing, and are highly individualized.

Sessions are between 1 - 1.5 hours in duration. You will have access to Leanne between sessions via Facebook messenger. Sessions are conducted via video conferencing in the comfort and privacy of your home.