Stories of MAGIC

The following are stories of Kim's magic...will you be next?


She rocks! Right on readings!! She is a beautiful spirit who shines!!

If anyone was considering Kim for anything, just do it! Every time I’ve gotten a reading from Kim it has been spot on! She gives you your reading in an easy to understand and caring way. You can tell she really puts thought behind how she tells you in a way that it’d make sense for you. If you want an honest & trustworthy experience she is a must go-to!   ~ Crystle J.

She is a beautiful spirit who shines!!


I really enjoyed my readings from Kim. I am experiencing newness in my life & the readings were spot on & helped me shift in all areas in my life including my husbands.

Also, I purchased a juju bag and well let’s just say everyone needs one.  ~ Melissa P.


I believe in past lives. I believe we are all connected. I also have come to realize that some connections are meant to stay in the past. I found myself drawn into a relationship that had long served its purpose. In my session with Kim this love came up. 1864 kept repeating in my head. She gently guided me through the process. Seeing the past, the love we briefly shared, and realizing it wasn’t meant to be in this life. I felt it in my heart, my soul. I knew this connection was not serving a healthy purpose here in this life. I allowed it to hold me back previously and with her help I was able to see, feel, and know I couldn’t let it hold me back in this life time. Kim gave me insight when I had none and gave me a safe place to cut the ties for good.   ~ Larkin S.

Wow!! How accurate for what I felt was going on and the ultimate validation to keep listening to ME.  Thank you so much for giving your time.   ~ Crystal Hansen

Kim has integrated all her gifts to help clients find their highest and best selves.

Kim has integrated all her gifts to help clients find their highest and best selves. Her readings are spot-on. I use incense from her store and love my throat chakra Mala she made by hand with love. Don’t worry about what service to ask for; just tell her what your heart needs.   ~ Jill P.

I had a reading with Kim last night. She is so accurate and took the time to answer my questions. I will definitely be booking her again soon. In fact I recommended her to a few friends. Kim is amazing at what she does... if you want answers to your future, she is the person to go to for a reading!!!! And her energy, and sense of humour is magnetic. I love her and I’m a customer for life.   ~ Jas Deol

I loved my reading with Kim too! She was spot on with what’s been going on in my life lately and gave me a lot to think about and act on.   ~ Melissa Bee

Kim! You rock! I actually got a job today! Cutting cords works! From 4 weeks of nothing and being jerked around to starting at 7am tomorrow! Thank you so much!!!! You are the truth! You are my go to psychic from now on. Can’t wait to get paid and use you in the future!   ~ T. Miller