Journey to Joy with Laurie-Elle, moving away from suffering, closer to joy

Are you weighed down and mired by all your troubles? Do you worry about everything; your relationships, your career, your body, your children, your past and your future?

That used to be my everyday existence... but NO MORE!

Now I am able to walk outside and feel held, feel abundant, and feel the presence of the Divine all around me.

How, you may ask, did I arrive at this new place of joyful abundance? 

I simply embraced the Power of Surrender. Learning how to surrender, which I still practice daily, has changed my life. Learning how to surrender has helped me see life through a new lens, and because of that, I believe I have experienced a miracle...many miracles.

Through all my spiritual work, and Divine energetic healing and intervention, I am finally at a place where, at the very least, I understand. I understand the process, and I understand the roadblocks and the detours that are ever present when someone is on the Journey to Joy.

I would like to help you discover this powerful, yet simple gift of surrender as well.

If you would like help moving along your own Journey to Joy, I can help. I've prepared a special energetic healing package to help you. Walking the road of Surrender towards joy alone can be daunting and lonely. However, I'm here to guide you, to help you interpret the information, to process and release your pain, sorrow, and suffering, and to finally, once and for all, move closer to peace and joy.

Move away from Suffering, Closer to Joy...

Begin your Journey of Joy!

3 months of healing, guidance and support to help you move away from Suffering, Closer to JOY!

What will your 3 months on the Journey to Joy look like?

We will start with a Reflective Resonance Session. This is the deepest dive I can offer to help you connect with what it is your Highest Self is wanting you to know now. Your Highest Self will Guide you to where you need to Let Go now, to where you need the deepest level of healing and release so that you can clear this energy and past pain. This will set the foundation for a beautiful clear path for you to move forward on.

Two to Three weeks post Reflective Resonance Healing, you receive an Intuitive Guidance session. In this session, I will connect and channel for you. Your Spirit Guides answer any questions you may have that are in your Highest Good to know and understand, and I help you define your next steps on your healing journey.

Next, two to three weeks later, we meet via video conference, and I perform a REAP™, Remote Energetic Alignment Process, Healing for you, along with a channeled session with your Guides. The REAP™ Healing method helps to balance you Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually, and it will assist in activating key centers in your being that need alignment and regeneration.

Additionally, I provide you with 2 - 60 minute follow up calls and 2 - 30 minute email channeled follow ups, which will be spread out over the remaining 6-8 weeks. During those sessions, I will Channel for you and Guide you to help you keep moving forward. Having this support is so valuable. I can't stress enough how many times I wished I had someone to help me through the rough patches or intense moments of surrender. I want to be there for you when you need someone.

In between sessions, I will share self-paced lessons based on Dr. David Hawkins Book, Letting Go. I crafted these lessons to help you move through the process of releasing attachments to pain, suffering or fears. I also teach you the process of Inquiry.

This will help you uncover layers of pain and to discover your intrinsic beauty that lay deep beneath the surface of your suffering. Another option is that I can help align you with fellow "Warriors of Light," who are also actively engaging with Surrender. Having someone to help you release these layers is key.

The investment for these sessions and support individually comes to $1022.00.

However, this summer, I’m offering all of the above for a one time payment of $899.99 or a three-month payment plan of $311.00, billed each month for three months.

If you know that it is time for you to start enjoying your life to the fullest and that you want to experience more peace, more abundance, and more JOY on a daily basis, then this is the healing program for you.

Get Started Now...

Choose whichever payment plan works best for you, and begin your JOURNEY today!

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