Intuitive Reading

Experience a New Way of Knowing...

If you’re looking for guidance and wishing you had a clear path forward, an Intuitive 3 month life Reading with Heather might be exactly what you need. Her readings are simple and direct, yet extremely powerful, and you’ll come away from your session with a new perspective and understanding of your current situation.

Each hour long Intuitive Reading begins with Heather guiding you to pause and connect with your breath. Once in a calm and receiving place, Heather taps into Spirit and simply listens and relays what you are needing to hear, learn, and understand at this time. As a Medium & Clairvoyant, Heather can communicate with Spirit Energy, and often times the Spirit Energy of lost loved ones will step forward. Additionally, if requested by your loved ones, Heather will use a deck of Mediumship Cards to communicate messages to you.

Heather Tharpe, Intuitive Reading

Each Intuitive Reading session includes communication from your angels and a spread of Angel Oracle cards. Heather translates your card spread, presenting you with a three-month life guide. This session is only available to clients every three months, as It is incredibly important to Heather and her heavenly team that you are guided to learn how to connect and receive insight for yourself. Heather’s “job” is to help you to learn how to fish not to just receive fish from her!

During a reading, you might be asked to step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be handed tools and information from Spirit that will help take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Sometimes the requests from Spirit will be simple, such as receiving a directive to organize the clutter in your home. Other times, you’ll be asked to implement new habits or learn about new topics, such as reading insightful books, adding meditation into your life, or acquiring new crystals and essential oils to assist with your healing process. Ultimately, what Heather shares with you is what you need to know at this time.

Once you can face and address what is standing in the way, you can live without constant worry. You can live with the feeling of natural confidence. You’ll find yourself in a place where you can truly embrace “a new way of knowing” and moving through life.

Experience a NEW way of knowing

Who will benefit from am Intuitive Reading?

You will benefit from an INTUITIVE READING if...

  • you are seeking clarity and direction, especially as it relates to the near future (3 months), and want to know what to expect.

  • you are longing to connect with lost loved ones.

  • you feel your personal energy is low.

  • you are ready to heal and release the pain of the past and present.

  • you feel your personal energy and mindset is fragmented.

  • you want to know if you have met your soulmate, understand the importance of our top ten soulmates, and how they impact our lives.

  • you are interested in developing a meditation practice.

  • you want to heal both physical and emotional pain.

  • you are interested in learning about past lives and how they are impacting this life.

  • you are looking to learn how to use your intuition or clairvoyant skills and want direction as to what steps you can take to cultivate this process.

Experience a NEW way of knowing

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Heather starts the session with a moment of connection. She has you connect with your breath, and clear your mind. She then simply begins to listen and relay what you need to hear, learn, and understand at this time.

Heather will ask you to open your heart and mind to receiving life guidance from your Angels, Guides and the Spirit Energy of loved ones who have passed. You are guided to reach a place where you can truly embrace “a new way of knowing” and moving through life. Trust you’ll be told what you need to know at this time to dissolve the obstacles within you and allow yourself to live feeling naturally confidant. Your reading will include a spread of Oracle cards, which she will translate, giving you a three month life guide to reference.

Experience a NEW way of knowing

Where, When and How?


Trust that you have been divinely guided to schedule this session. Release stress and expectation. Be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith. If you are connecting by phone, make sure you are in a quiet place, where you can be present and free from distractions.


You’ll be asked to take several deep breaths, to awaken your intuitive senses and release old patterns. After this, I simply listen and relay what you need to know at this time. As I speak, notice what thoughts, feelings and ideas come to you, as they will be some of the answers you are looking for.


Be gentle with yourself at this time. Allow yourself time to process what you have been told. Trust your inner knowledge, and honor yourself and your feelings. The ideas and messages you’ve received during this session are divinely guided. It’s now time to take action and manifest these dreams and desires.

It’s now time to take action. You were guided to read this for a reason. Learn how to truly trust your inner knowledge, honor yourself, and your feelings. Be happy. Release stress and expectation. Wonder is soon to follow.

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Experience a NEW way of knowing

Your healing includes:

Every Intuitive Reading, Spiritual Alignment and Intuitive Alignment will include an Oracle Card spread.

Clients are encouraged to record the session and/or take pictures of the card spread chosen for them. This allows for ongoing reference in the months to come. Clients who connect through phone appointments will receive photos of the cards at the beginning of the reading via text or email.

No session is the same. Trust in the divinely guided messages and ideas you receive at this time. Like everything in life, you get what you give. Now take action needed to manifest your dreams and desires.