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Exclusive access to Wisdom & Healing from Divine Sages & Healers.

Find your tribe and be part of a loving spiritual community!


We wanted to find a way to deliver more healing, more guidance, more love & light to the masses on a more regular basis in an affordable way that also builds community.

The solution…

INNER SOUL CIRCLE - A NEW Premier Membership offering community, spiritual growth, exclusive content and member-only BONUSES, along with regular weekly healings & clearings, meditations, and psychic guidance

The Inner Soul Circle is a NEW Premier Membership offering community, spiritual growth, unprecedented access to our talented Soulful Practitioners, exclusive content and member-only BONUSES. Join the tribe in regular weekly healings & clearings, meditations, and divine guidance.

For less than one coffee per day you will receive:

energy healing, clearing, soulful guided meditations

One weekly online group energy healing, clearing, or soulful meditation session - live or prerecorded. This session is available only in the Private Membership FB Group and the recording will be made available in podia (the password protected membership platform) {$200-$400+ value}

Oracle card reading, tarot card reading, rune reading, intuitive guidance, channeled messages

Minimum of 2 monthly LIVE Divine Guidance through channeling or Oracle/Tarot Card Reading Sessions, available only in Private Membership FB Group and the recording will be made available in podia. Members may submit questions 24 hours ahead of the session in the event they can not make the live session. Questions will be answered after live participants are read, time permitting. {$100 value}

Pop-up readings, Q&A

Weekly POP-UP sessions. We call them POP-UP because we never know what there will be. Could be a BONUS FB Live reading or healing, or maybe a mini-workshop. We will also have FB posts allowing you to ask a question and someone will pull a card or intuitively connect and answer right there in the post. So much fun! {unlimited value}


Ongoing 10% DISCOUNT on all participating OSYL Soulful Practitioner Services as well as quarterly 25% DISCOUNTS on FEATURED Practitioner Services. {unlimited value}


AND you will have amazing access to MEMBER-ONLY Bonuses. New ones added quarterly!

Member-only BONUS



This is a PAID monthly membership that will be housed in a PRIVATE FB Group as well as in PODIA (a password protected membership platform). A Weekly Schedule will be available for Scheduled Healings/ Readings for planning purposes. All sessions will be recorded so you can access them at your leisure.

Your Investment in YOU:

Over $500 value per month
only $44/month or pay annually and get one month FREE!

First 100 members lock in discount rate for life!
only $29.99/month or $329.89/year


First 100 founding members will receive a FREE Semi-Annual Illumination Connection Report
(Free during the first 12-months of operation of the membership group):

  • Personal 1 Card draw (Tarot/Oracle/Rune etc..) with a unique message/focus for the quarter

  • Personal Focus Word and Affirmation for the Season

  • Collective Energetic Forecast and Guidance for the season.

This service will be an additional add on for members - $10/semi-annual connection report after the first year of operation of the membership.


1-question oracle or tarot or channeled message readings via email.
Available exclusively to members for only $37!

Join us in the circle for your
Exclusive access to Wisdom from the Divine Sages and Healers.