Home Energy Clearing & Blessing

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, MIND, BODY, and SOUL

Have you ever walked into someone's house and said, “Wow, this feels like home!”? Conversely, I am sure you can also remember a time when you’ve entered a home or business, and knew you didn’t want to stay for long, because it felt bad. Many people are unaware that our homes are a vital container of energy. This energy impacts all facets of our daily life and vital life force energy.

Our home is where we sleep and interact with the people who are closest to us. If you find that the relationships in your life are suffering, a home clearing is exactly what you need to start shifting your circumstances.

Home clearings aren’t just to help you get unstuck in love and family though, home clearings also impact your career and financial circumstances, as well as your health and wellness.

Work with me to create new, intention filled energy in your home. An Energy Clearing and Blessing will free your home from dense energetic remnants and produce fresh, vibrant energy. This new energy will then be free to radiate throughout your home and life.

I was lucky enough to have Bianca do an energy clearing of my home after an illness...When it was all done, I felt a remarkable change. It seems my space is beaming with radiance and vibrancy. I highly recommend Bianca for a professional energy clearing of your space - she is simply amazing.
— Rachel K. New York, NY

Who will benefit from a Home Energy Clearing & Blessing?

You will benefit from a Home Energy Clearing & Blessing if

  • you long for a clean slate.

  • you are ready let go of and be free from the past.

  • you feel stuck in love, career, or financial circumstances.

  • your home makes you feel tired and unmotivated when you are in it.

  • you recently experienced pain, suffering, disease, intense arguments, divorce, sadness or even a death of a loved one.

Ever since Bianca did a home energy clearing for our home, things have opened up energetically. Our home has been more harmonious, there is a feeling of higher vibration in every room, there is a sense of cleansing peace flowing in us and in our hearts.
— Marcia M., Sutton, MA

What is a Home Clearing & Blessing?

A home energy clearing removes all previous energetic remnants in your home. This means that any areas of your home that feel dull, have experienced a lot of deep rooted emotional situations, have predecessor energy from previous owners, or even just don’t feel right, will all be removed. The old energy is then transformed into new, intention-filled energy to reflect your desires. Your desires may be to add more love, motivation, good fortune or even to just refresh the energy after a major life change.

The whole process is an ancient Native American tradition and truly transforms your home to reflect all the positive shifts you need. During the process, a unique altar is created to be a beacon for the positive energy to radiate throughout your home. Each item on the altar is carefully chosen, thanked for partaking, and represents a specific intention. Each and every item then partakes in transmuting the energy in your home, along with Bianca and her spirit guide, and each area of your home is lovingly shifted back to the higher vibration you desire.

What results arise from having a home energy clearing done?

  • Enjoy the sense of an uplifting environment that fills the occupants with more energy, joy and positivity

  • Experience an influx of new and more positive experiences

  • Achieve better sleep, breathing, and an all around sense of well-being in the home

  • Experience better fortune in areas that are current pain points, such as finances, relationships and health

  • Anything we implement in your home will be noticeably present, such as more romance, increased motivation in a business, the appearance of new opportunities and an increase in all around happiness

What is the process?

Your clearing begins with an interview, in which Bianca helps you get to the bottom of what you really want for your life and home. Once these answers are cleared, Bianca meditates on the perfect altar to create for you. The altar used during your unique home energy clearing represents each of your desires. If you desire grounding, more wood and plants are used. If you desire more flow and freedom, ocean elements are used. Each and every item used in creating the altar is cleared, asked to participate and aid in the recovery of your home, and is placed in its own unique mandala pattern to represent the directions. North, East, South, West and Center. Everything has a purpose and intention, which creates a powerful energetic outburst when the clearing is conducted. After a uniquely tailored altar is created, Bianca asks her guides to help write a blessing for your home that is written to support your intentions.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, and SOUL

Where, When and How?


This session is conducted remotely, as Bianca works best in her own environment, where she is not affected by the energy within your home. You’ll begin by sending a hand drawn architectural layout / sketch of your home to Bianca. This is a simple and easy process, and Bianca will send you details about this once you book your session.

During your interview session, you’ll discuss your hopes and desires for your life and home. Bianca then schedule’s the date for your clearing to be performed remotely. It is not necessary for the you to do anything special or different. You don’t have to be home in your home during the cleaning, but it is okay if you are.


Oftentimes, Bianca will try to schedule your session around a special moon phase which optimally supports the healing energy for your home. However, if you prefer a different date, details can be worked out with Bianca. On the date of your clearing, Bianca performs your home energy clearing. During the session, Bianca manifests the desired results and clearing you are wanting by creating an element laced altar for your needs. The altar used during your unique home energy clearing represents each of your desires. After a uniquely tailored altar is created, Bianca asks her guides to help write a blessing for your home that is written to support your intentions.


3-5 days after the healing session is completed, Bianca will mail a unique personal home blessing to you, for you to keep forever and know that the home energy clearing was complete and will shift the energy in your home towards love and positivity.

Let’s get started. Schedule your Home Clearing & Blessing now.

I am truly grateful to have found Bianca when I was in need of shifting the energy in my new home. Even though I love the beautiful new space, I couldn’t help but feel the energy was blocked making it difficult to become settled. Her approach is very intimate, beginning with an interviewing process that opens up your own awareness of what you would like to manifest for your home and in life. She is absolutely lovely and deeply devoted to her work. I found it easy to be honest and comfortable in sharing my intentions and felt ALL THE LIGHT she shared when I received my personalized blessing in the mail. Bianca has helped me transform my home back into a sanctuary, the stagnant energy has dissolved and many new doors have opened as a result. Her energy clearing has assisted me in recapturing my own magic and setting clear goals for the beautiful road ahead. I could not recommend her loving work highly enough.
— Ashley W. Brooklyn, NY

Your healing includes:

  • Pre-session interview (approx. 60 mins)

  • Home Energy Clearing (approx. 1.5 - 3 hours)

  • A uniquely designed blessing for you to keep forever

  • A detailed summary on how you can help keep the energy in your home elevated after the clearing