Holistic Herbal Consult

“Natural forces within us are true healers of diseases”. - Hippocrates

If you are tired of struggling with chronic illness, fatigue or frequent colds, and are ready to find a lasting solution, Bianca’s Holistic Herbal Consultation is the right choice for you.  Via a one-on-one session, Bianca will personally review your current and past physical conditions, lifestyle choices, family history, diet, and any current medications and supplements you may be taking. After a formal analysis of your particular needs, herbal formulas, tinctures, flower essences and supplements will be suggested for you that are most likely to strengthen and compliment your body, mind, and ultimately, your Soul.

Let Bianca help you take charge of your health…

Who will benefit from a Holistic Herbal Consult?

Our lives are so hectic nowadays and our environment is so imbalanced that everyone could benefit from additional health, emotional and spiritual support.

You will benefit from an Herbal Consult

  • if you lack energy, even when eating a healthy diet.

  • if you are unable to fall and stay asleep.

  • if anxiety is affecting your social activities and your overall health.

  • if you have worked with mainstream medicine, have exhausted all options, but are still experiencing the some or similar symptoms.

  • if you have an autoimmune condition and are looking to feel better.

Sometimes all we need is a guide to help us become aware of and reset the behaviors that may be affecting our health in a negative way. Bianca will guide you in taking the next steps to optimal health.

Let Bianca help you take charge of your health…

What is a Holistic Herbal Consult?

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.
— Hippocrates

When you work we Bianca, she begins by focusing in on your specific needs.  There are multiple ways to do this, and her primary goal during this first session is not only to determine your health and wellness needs, but to also establish a working relationship. Prior to the initial call, Bianca will ask you to fill out an extensive intake form, which she will use to guide you through the initial conversation.

An initial consult with Bianca may take up to 90 minutes.

What is causing our disease?

Dis-ease, as the word shows, reflects an uneasiness within your body. Dis-ease indicates that something, manifesting as physical symptoms, is impacting you, somewhere within your physical being.  External factors, emotional factors, or both can cause such uneasiness.  Bianca’s approach is to systematically support and improve her client’s health holistically, by correcting unhealthy behaviors, patterns and food choices and avoiding damages to your organs and systems.  In order to best support her client’s improvements, Bianca will focus on comprehensive care that addresses physical and environmental detoxification, as well as focusing in on her clients emotional, Spiritual and social needs.

An important component of Bianca's practice is the utilization of Flower Remedies. Bianca believes that we are are all connected through our minds, bodies and Souls. She uses these flower essences to help address emotional patterns, past traumas, and both conscious and subconscious emotional states. Garnishing the support of these “magical” flower remedies, your physical health may experience a shift to a higher vibrating, more wholesome level of wellness.

In your initial session, which can be conducted by phone, Skype or Zoom video, Bianca will focus in on you, your goals, and then create a customized program to follow.  You and Bianca will be in close contact and can tweak your plan over time based on the feedback you provide her based on results and your experiences.

To help you achieve your goals you will use a combination of the following:

  • Specialized herbal teas – Medicinal herbs to drink as a tea throughout the day

  • Supplements – Guidance on how to determine what vitamins and minerals you may need to get your body into better balance

  • Tinctures – A liquid extract of a plant to take orally

  • Flower Essences – A flower remedy, which acts as a compliment to herbal treatments by addressing emotional and behavioral patterns, which are no longer serving you

  • Syrups – Taken by the teaspoon to help with certain ailments

  • Homemade salves – Medicinal herbs in an ointment form to help with skin maladies

Do herbal supplements have any side effects?

Bianca has been extensively trained in Western Herbalism. Competent herbalists understand which herbs may or may not interfere with pharmaceuticals drugs and supplements. If you are currently taking any medication, Bianca will work closely with you to assure there are no interactions between suggested supplements and medications.  At times, herbs may not be the answer for you, and if that is the case, she can help you define an alternative plan.

After your initial call, Bianca will provide you with a written summary of your plan and help you to get started on a new way of living.  I will also want to do follow up calls to make sure you are on the right path to a better you.  These will be shorter calls for us to discuss your progress and the challenges you may be faced with so we can tweak and modify your treatment.

Let Bianca help you take charge of your health…

Where, When and How?

Before the Reading

You have the option to book a FREE 15 minute discovery call designed to help both Bianca and you gain an understanding of your goals. Together you will set expectations on how you will partner and achieve the goals you desire. This call is a great way for you to establish a comfort level with Bianca and determine the possibility of forging an ongoing working relationship, before you make a financial commitment.

Once you BOOK a session, you will receive an extensive initial Intake Form - This document is a detailed questionnaire, and It is imperative that you complete it with as much detail and transparency as possible. Upon completion of this document, return it to Bianca and she will schedule your phone or video conference.

During the Reading

During the Holistic Herbal Consultation (by phone or video chat), Bianca will dive deeper into your responses from the intake form, focus on and discuss your needs and goals for up to 90 minutes. The focus of this call is YOU and your goals, and with the information she gathers, she will create a customized program for you to follow. Holistic treatment options will be discussed, which may include nutritional suggestions, and recommendations for herbal formulas, supplements, tinctures, syrups, flower essences, salves and more. Each client will leave the call with a unique plan of action.

After the Reading

After your initial Holistic Herbal Consultation, Bianca will provide you with a written summary of your plan to help get you started on a new way of living. Your plan will be tweaked over time based on the feedback you provide her about your experiences.

The formulas, essences and tinctures you choose to purchase will be delivered to you by mail and, when needed, Bianca will direct you to the best local or online store to acquire the highest quality / best valued supplements you may need.

Additionally, you have the option of scheduling follow up consults with Bianca at that time. If you are interested in adding on an extra level of protection and peace of mind for your future health and wellbeing, this is a perfect time for you to enroll in my extended support package.

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Let Bianca help you take charge of your health…

Your consult includes:

  • A written summary of your plan, including details & instructions for the use of all supplements, flower essences, tinctures or anything that is recommended by Bianca.

  • All custom formulas, essences or tinctures created by Bianca for your purchase will be delivered to you by mail.   

As a way to help you stay accountable to your new plan, Bianca also offer an optional 2 week Supplemental Support package for an additional charge.  Bianca fully understands that real lasting change can be hard, and that you may need support while striving to creating lasting new habits and patterns that will support your holistic health journey. She knows that when we go through change, it always helps to have someone there to support you.   

If you choose to purchase this additional service, Bianca is available during those two weeks whenever you need her by email and text. This support is a perfect way for you to stay connected to Bianca and the new commitments you are making to yourself.  

Some examples of how this additional service will be helpful to you:

  • helping with food choices for your shopping lists,

  • talking about how to tweak our teas to meet the needs of your palette,

  • keeping you accountable to your action items and allowing you an opportunity to get quick help before your next follow up appointment.

Let Bianca help you take charge of your health…