Stories of True Connection

The following are stories of Heather's healing...will you be next?

Heather, I feel really good. I was worried about the flood gates opening up but instead I was filled with light. Thank you!!

~ KN - Northshore, MA.

Heather, Thank you for a wonderful experience. I worked through a lot of memories, knowing I needed to let them go. You healed my left hip that I have been struggling to move past over the last few weeks. I can't believe the pain is gone. Thank for your compassion and guidance. Namaste.

~ JC - Salem, MA.

My 13 year old son said "Mom, All of my anger and sadness disappears when you clear my Chakras are cleared. It's like magic.

~ PG - Beverly, MA.

Heather, I wanted to thank you for being the first teacher that helped me fall in love with meditation. Before taking your Beginner Meditation sessions, I hated breathing, and I hated life. So for that, I love you, and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ AD - Marblehead, MA.

Amazing. Thank you for opening my eyes to all of this. I am definitely new and I know it is a practice that I have much more to practice. But, I found I enjoyed the experience and feel great.

~ JP - Salem, MA.

I wasn’t sure what the orbs were in a picture I recently took. My friend, Heather, informed me that they were spirits, angels, etc.. After taking the picture with the orbs in it, I met a very kind lady who lost her son right where I took the photo. When I shared the photo with her, she became very emotional and grateful. She said she often sits where the photo was taken and talks to her son. What a confirmation, that we are all connected. Thank you, Heather

~ SG - Cape Cod, MA.

I want to thank you. I can't stop thinking about last nights Spiritual Alignment and the experience. I am intrigued by your gifts and want to learn more.

~ JF - Marblehead, MA.

After today’s session, I felt so tranquil. I donʼt know how you did it, but the stress that had been building in my chest and throat has disappeared. Thank you doesn't seem like enough.

~ EM - Beverly, MA.

Wow, I have lots to think about today after today’s reading. I keep thinking about my grandfather kissing my head, so sweet. Thank you.

~ KP - Marblehead, MA.