HeartMath Group Coaching

Melt away Stress and Embrace Balance, Peace and Joy

“Your heart is SO much more than a pump, and can be a powerful way to connect to god/love/universe, your higher self, your higher potential.  This is an invitation to tap into that power”. ~ Leanne McClain

Our life span is greatly influenced by the number of years our hearts can hold up to the pressures of UNRESOLVED STRESS.  Therefore, it is imperative that you learn to live with, manage, and master techniques to help you lessen your stress.

Reducing Stress is easy when you learn to control your reactions and responses to the many stressful situations you face on a daily basis. HeartMath can help you do that.

Leanne’s HeartMath Groups are small and intimate. They are comprised of people identified as having similar needs or are in your same profession/career field. We keep the numbers in the groups to 10 people or less. We do this so we can create a safe, intimate setting, and productive setting, where we can build a loving and supportive community.  When a group of people come together with the same intention, the effects are compounded.

The main teaching segments of the HeartMath sessions will be presented in four, 20 minute videos. Then, the groups will meet live once a week for 6 weeks via zoom video conferencing.  All sessions will be recorded, in the event you are not able to make the live session, and you will also be able to download the recording, allowing you to have unlimited access to the information. You will also receive a workbook to follow, packed with the vital information you need to understand this stress reduction service.

Did you know that stress is simply an imbalance of hormones? It’s mainly an imbalance of cortisol (the stress hormone) and DHEA (the feel good hormone). High cortisol levels and low DHEA levels can lead to all of the major causes of death in our country today:

  • Heart Disease

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Migraines

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoporosis

  • High Cholesterol

  • Shorter Life Span

  • Chronic Stress = Excessive Cortisol = Accelerated Aging

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or are afraid you might some day, then HeartMath is a solution for you! When you learn the HeartMath tools and techniques, you can better manage stressful situations in your life. You will also learn about heart coherence, and how to energetically influence the people around you.

Who will benefit from a HeartMath Group Coaching?

You will benefit from HeartMath Group Coaching if

  • you want to learn to manage stress in team or group settings.

  • you are a teacher or work with children in an educational setting. HeartMath can help you manage your own stress and help to calm your classroom. Kids are extremely receptive to the HeartMath techniques.

  • you are a first responder. Talk about needing to keep your cool in highly intense stressful situations! HeartMath tools have helped first responders around the world. HeartMath can help you avoid allowing the everyday events of your stressful job to become traumas that haunt you later, helping you go home happy at the end of the day!
  • you are a nurse. As powerful healers and caregivers, nurses can add HeartMath tools to their tool box. HeartMath techniques can aid in day to day responsibilities of keeping patients calm, improving communication with patients, families, and doctors, and guiding your patients in the techniques to help aid in their individual healing process.

  • you are a soulful practitioner, lightworker, holistic healers or service provider. You are already using the power of your heart in your practice. Now you can learn the practical aspects and the mechanics of healing from the heart. Learn how your heart is helping you in your practice, and pass that knowledge along to your own clients. It’s all in the energetic flow.

Stress is a choice...you can allow it to run havoc in your life, or you can let Leanne help you learn to turn it into your greatest asset.

Stress Management from a spiritual perspective, using the power of your heart.

What is a HeartMath?

The HeartMath Institute has extensively researched the power of the heart. Their tools teach you to employ control in your responses and reactions to stress at any moment of any day. Once you learn them, the HeartMath tools will stay with you forever.

Heart Intelligence is another form of intuition or precognition, and gives you access to your subconscious mind.  It empowers you to take care of yourself.  Being in a state of coherence, which is measured by the time between the beats of your heart, puts your whole body into a state of ease.  

From this place we:

  • make better decisions

  • get into “the zone”

  • are more effective at communicating

  • can better manage the stress and problems we face day in and day out

  • do not allow bad experiences to become traumas that linger

The best part about HeartMath is that these tools:

  • are extremely easy to learn

  • can be done at any time, without anyone else knowing what you are doing, and the process is quick

  • have profound and lasting effects

Practicing HeartMath tools will lead to:

  • experiencing better health

  • helping you arrive at Peak Performance

  • the ability to sustain the physiology that supports the life you really want

  • more satisfying and deeper relationships

  • improved productivity

  • greater personal fulfillment

  • the conversion of stress into free flowing, more positive energy

  • enjoying an overall sense of well being and living a higher quality of life

  • increased life span

  • being happier

  • believing in yourself

  • elevating your consciousness

  • strengthening your connection to the Divine and your Higher Self

  • embracing the evolutionary shift in consciousness, and navigating it with joy

The intention and support of groups can be very powerful.  Different groups of people bring in their own sets of unique circumstances.  Therefore, I am offering the group sessions to like-minded people.

  • Teachers

  • First Responders

  • Lightworkers and other soulful practitioners

  • Healing industry - doctors and Nurses

  • Holistic Medicine Industry

Groups will be limited to 10 people.  If you already have a pre-selected group of 10 people who would like to work together, please let me know. Groups can consist of work colleagues, spiritual groups, a team, or whatever “group” you have in mind.

Stress Management from a spiritual perspective, using the power of your heart.

Where, When and How?


Once you register for your HeartMath group, you will receive a confirmation email that details when and how you will receive your training materials, and when your live video conference Q & A sessions will be held.


  • You will first receive a workbook

  • There will be four, 20 minute teaching videos, delivered to your email and also, uploaded each week to a private FB group. After the video, you will be able to start practicing the techniques and incorporate them into your life.

  • Topics that we will cover include:

    • the quick coherence technique
    • the heart lock in
    • learning about heart coherence
    • demonstrating the emwave (a piece of hardware)
    • the emotional landscape map
    • creating an assets and deficits list
    • building your resilience bank
    • coherent listening
    • heart mapping
    • developing your intuition
    • practical ways to use HeartMath tools in your daily life
  • There will be six weekly live Q & A Sessions on zoom.
    These Q & A sessions will be a chance for you to connect with your group on a more intimate level, and ask questions about how to apply HeartMath to your particular situations. We will also practice using the tools during these sessions, and see them demonstrated live.

  • There will be a private Facebook group just for your group to ask questions, get clarifications, and share your wins. In this group, there will also be additional information and helpful PDFs. The private Facebook group will stay open long after our time together, so you can continue to stay in touch with the other group members through this medium.

Access to Leanne: I am available via Facebook messenger to answer any ongoing questions that you have during the duration of the 6 week session.


After our six weeks together, the HeartMath tools will have become a part of your everyday life. You will have developed the knowledge of how to use them, and also a practice of using them. You will experience less stress, and be well on your way to a happier, healthier, longer life. You have the power and resources to do this!

The teaching modules and workbook are yours forever. If you are interested in continuing to work with me in a 1:1 setting for hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, or to learn more about HeartMath, those opportunities will be available to you.

You will also have developed a connection to people in your same situation, taking a different approach to stressful situations. This group will become your support group for living with a coherent heart.

Take a moment.
Take a deep slow breath in and out of the area around your heart.  
What is your heart telling you about signing up?
What will your life be like with less stress?

Imagine it!

Your heart already knows the answer.  
This is your first opportunity to tap into the power of your heart. Follow your hearts guidance and intuition. If your heart is speaking to you, listen to it.  
Do not second guess yourself.

Simply click below, and you are in.

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Your healing includes:

  • a workbook

  • Four, 20 minute teaching videos, uploaded each week to a private Facebook group

  • Six Weekly live Q & A Sessions on zoom.  

  • A private Facebook group just for your group to ask questions, get clarifications, and share your wins

  • Access to Leanne through Facebook messenger