Healing with Chinese Elements & Crystals

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, MIND and SOUL

Do you find yourself experiencing physical or emotional ailments that are preventing you from experiencing a life full of joy and vitality? A likely cause is often found to be an imbalance or deficiency within the elements in your body.

The practice of Healing with Chinese Elements originates in eastern philosophy. This philosophy states that life is governed by the five elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER. In this philosophy, these elements have very specific roles within and influence on all facets of life, particularly as they relate to our bodies. Our organs, our senses, and our emotions are affected by imbalance of these elements within our body, and influence the state of our health and wellbeing.

When an element, or multiple elements, in your body are either in a state of depletion or imbalance, and aren’t addressed immediately, ailments, disease, and emotional or behavioral stresses can arise.

In your Chinese Element Healing session, I will prepare a plan for you using natural healing methods, such as herbs, flower essences, Feng Shui, QiGong exercises and more to balance and align the elements within your life.  Along with experiencing freedom from the physical or emotional ailments which have been troubling you, this session will offer you clarity around who you are, and under what circumstances and situations you are most successful.

Additionally, the Crystal Healing Session included with your consultation will bring about some immediate relief in the areas I identify as being out of balance for you.

...I decided to do a Healing With Chinese Elements session and a series of follow up Crystal Healings with Bianca, hopeful that she could get to the bottom of what was ailing me. What happened over the next several weeks was so much more powerful than I could have imagined...I have continued to feel more of a lightness than ever, even in the face of more stress. I attribute it directly to Bianca’s intuitive healing abilities and relentless research into how to best heal my particular blocks and physical symptoms. Thank you, Bianca!
— Megan R. Pasadena, CA

Who will benefit from Healing with Chinese Elements?

You will benefit from Healing with Chinese Elements and Crystal Healing if

  • you find yourself experiencing fatigue, low energy, insomnia, memory loss or brain fog.

  • you experience cold hands and feet, edema, rashes or dry skin.

  • you have back pains, achy knees, or headaches.

  • you have weight issues, digestion problems or acid reflux.

  • you have any other troubling ailment such as sarcoidosis or autoimmune diseases that aren't allowing you to live a life of vitality.

  • you are experiencing too much, or are unable to experience, panic, fear, worry, anger or grief.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, MIND and SOUL

What is a Healing with Chinese Elements?

Healing with Chinese Elements is much more than an herbal consultation. The initial consultation may be all you need to reverse any ailments you have been struggling with. You will learn about your dominant element(s), which are specific to you, and we will help you understand more about yourself and the emotional, physical and mental problems you may face. Understanding the properties of your elements means knowing what type of environment you thrive in, what organs are affected when problems arise, and knowing how to come back into balance.

As part of your consultation, you will receive recommendations for specific herbs, teas, and foods that will best align with your needs and will start you on your healing journey. You will also receive an in-depth education about how your unique self works from a Chinese perspective. You will learn about Feng Shui elements, Qigong exercises, Crystals and their healing properties, and even Essential oils that will benefit WHO YOU UNIQUELY ARE. As part of this service, you will also receive a Crystal Healing session that will directly benefit your over wellbeing, and help you to balance your elements.

Why learn more about healing with the elements?

  • Learn more about your personality, what it really means to envelop an element as a person, and how you can further connect with your environment. This will aid you in discovering your stress responses and how to counteract them.

  • Find out if you are out of balance (there are common ailments for each element when an element is thrown off course) and receive step-by-step guidance on how to dissolve any issues.

  • Discover what foods are best for you to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Gain additional information on what crystals, essential oils, qigong exercises, healing botanicals, AND flower essences will aid you in recovering and strengthening your body and soul.

What results occur after implementing the information you receive?

  • Healing starts to occur from the moment you are aware of yourself. We will get to the root of problems and you will be provided with a VARIETY of healing objectives which you can pick from to begin your healing journey. As with anything that takes time to develop (illness, structural issues, ailments etc.), it takes time to heal. If you follow my guidance properly, take action, and start taking care of yourself, you will heal.

What is the process?

After Bianca interviews you, we find out what your dominant elements are, and she will also ask you to send her pictures of your tongue (Yes! This is a modality that Chinese Herbal Practitioners use to tell which organs are out of balance!). From this information, she will write up a report for you with an action plan and suggestions for next steps.

  • The report produced from this session includes absolutely everything you need to know to learn more about yourself, how to begin your healing journey, how to thrive in your body and environment, and healing modalities that meet your specific needs, and will get you back on track.

The Initial Herbal Consultation also includes a crystal healing session. This session will focus on healing and aligning the elements we identified that are out of balance.

Crystals are living elements. They each give off their own vibrations and have their own healing properties. They are tools many cultures use in ceremony or  rituals, for manifesting and healing.

Using the same meridian points as an acupuncturist would, crystals are placed on the body to balance out imbalanced elements (either in-person or distance via pictures).

One crystal healing session is usually enough for you to experience a degree of emotional relief, but depending on how unbalanced an element is in your life, you may need additional treatment sessions.

What results occur after crystal balancing?

You will experience a feeling of emotional balance and well-being surrounding the element that was worked on. This means you will experience release of anger, sadness, fear, worry, grief, anxiety and more. It also will help to balance any trapped energy with in the body. After your session, you will notice an openness in the areas we worked on, and you will feel a shift in your body. This may present itself as a more open throat, for example, that allows you to communicate more easily, or perhaps you will experience a sense of calmness after working to release your anxiety (fire element).

What is the process?

  • Clients will send pictures of the parts of the body (usually head, torso, bottoms of feet, and hands) to Bianca so she can place corresponding Crystals on the acupuncture points on the body to induce healing.

  • Bianca will let you know when she performs a crystal healing session, or if you would like a Zoom session, we can treat it as an in person session, and check in with you afterwards to see how you are feeling.

Follow up appointments may be scheduled. Please email biancam@oursightyourlight.com if you’d like to book an additional crystal healing appointment after your first FREE session. She will send you a booking link where you can schedule your session.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, and SOUL

I first signed up for a ‘Healing With Chinese Elements’ consultation with Bianca out of curiosity; I love learning about my body, mind and soul and am always looking for ways to move each in a direction of wholeness. I have to say, the entire experience has definitely given me more information than I thought I would get! I found out not only which of my elements were my strongest, but also ways that I can work on improving where my weaknesses lie. From start to “finish,” the entire experience was very enjoyable and Bianca is fabulous at walking you through everything each step of the way...Thank you, Bianca!
— Brittany G. Woodstock, CT

Where, When and How?


Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll receive information on the 5 element personalities and decide which dominant element(s) you are (this also helps me expand on the information in your unique report). You’ll also fill out a health intake form, so I can see which organs are out of balance and gain more information on your constitution. You’ll also need to send pictures of your tongue from a few angles, as this helps determine what is out of balance physically and from there I can start creating a healing plan for you to recover.


Bianca writes up a uniquely tailored report with ALL of the information listed above and gives quite few specific suggestions for healing with both healing botanicals and Flower Essences to directly approach your physical ailments.


All of this information and findings from your session will be reviewed, step-by-step, with you over the phone. I am available to answer any questions that may arise from the session.

Follow up appointments to continue your healing journey are available.

Let’s get started. Schedule your Healing with Chinese Elements now.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, MIND and SOUL

Your healing includes:

  • Information all about your dominant elements and how to support them with Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Flower Essences, Crystals and more!

  • A plethora of useful herbs, foods, and tea suggestions to start your healing process AND one free distance Elemental Crystal Healing session.

  • A 30 minute initial briefing, information to find your dominant elements, a health questionnaire, 30 minute crystal healing session and a written report.