Healing for Chronic Pain

Leanne McClain - Transformational Healer

Leanne is a transformational healer. She uses her medical intuition, the wisdom of a channeled love consciousness, and a specific set of healing frequencies to help you heal your chronic pain.  

In this 60-minute session you will: 


Heal a Fundamental Limiting Belief around your pain.


Establish a new Energetic Signature living a pain-free life.

Erase your Habit and Pattern of living with pain, and establish a new habit and pattern living without pain.


Heal Mutated Energy that you have created with yourself around your pain, and create a way to stop creating this energy.

Experience Remote Energetic Healing.


Receive an Intuitive Message about your healing journey.

Get Relief From Your CHRONIC PAIN Today!




“The work Leanne does is utterly brilliant. Her straight forward, depth of clarity is profound. She seriously moves mountains. I wholeheartedly recommend her."  


“I can see that I wouldn't have been able to go as deep by myself. It was so helpful to have Leanne guide me through so my mind could rest and the healing could penetrate the subconscious and open to the healing available. I felt so uplifted I want to do more! The sessions work. I recommend." 


"Leanne has that old soul quality about her that connects in ways beyond the spoken word. She can have that 'conversation' that no one else can." 



This would also make a great gift for someone you know of who is tired of suffering from chronic pain.

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