Stories of True Connection

The following are stories of HariManit Love’s healing...will you be next?

“I´d like to thank HariManit for her lovely session. I could feel my energy shifting while she was clearing. She explained me very clearly everything and we also happened to work on a health issue that I didn´t mean to ask, but it was related to topic I wanted to heal!! After the session I already felt lighter and with so much hope .”

~  Vero Garcia, Mexico City, Environmentalist

“Thank you for your invaluable support and guidance in aiding me to find myself, during a very tumultuous time in my life! Despite working to graduate and to restore personal health, you have helped me to learn to use healing arts, with your valuable tutelage so I may become a healer and continue to learn as well as teach others. Light and Love, Sat Nam”

~  Dani Pasquince-Baxley, NYC, BSN,RN


Elie Picault

“HariManit is a spiritual teacher that will give you tools to transform. She has helped me through my most challenging times, especially as it relates to family and career. I have had many profound shifts that provided new and greater opportunities. I am grateful for all she has imparted.”

~  Elie Picault, Paris, Singer and Songwriter

“HariManit Love is an inspiration to my world. A guiding light when I can’t find my way. Her high energy and inner spirit will illuminate your inner soul and show you strengths that you thought didn't exist. HariManit is an excellent guide, healer, and teacher. Her knowledge and deliverance of her gift(s) will guide you on a path of healing your emotions and set you on a path of enlightenment. Namaste”

~ Lola D Campbell, Tampa, Inspired Entrepreneur Life Coach

Lola D. Campbell

Chuli Joy

“HariManit is a phenomenal human. I have had the pleasure of working with her LIVE in Florida during my vacation. I was very confused about what I wanted and felt I had blocks limiting my options. Well, I was right. HariManit patiently removed the blocks and provided me with the answers I was looking for. After the session, I felt better about everything and was looking forward to what the universe may bring. The day I returned to L.A., the universe provided me with a beautiful home and was requested for a major audition at Paramount Studios! She is a blessing and amazing at what she does!

~ Chuli Joy, L.A., Actor