Eva Fernandez, Psychic Soul Advisor

“Soul” Coach and Modern Day Shaman

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant Channel, Aura Clearing, and Intuitive Energy Healing


Align, Evolve, Transform… What you seek is seeking you.

Sometimes we reach a moment in our life when we begin to question everything. Perhaps you appear to have “everything,” but instead of gratitude, you are filled with emptiness. Or alternately, maybe you are watching your world disintegrate all around you; wondering "How did I get here? Will life ever get better?"

I understand you; I am you.
I know what it feels like to long for a deeper purpose, fulfillment, and direction. I share your desire to make a real impact in this life, and I completely understand what it feels like to want to make a difference.
I am you, and you are me…

We are being called by something so much greater than the circumstances of our outer life. We are being called to reclaim our true selves, and I am passionate about helping women reclaim their truth, and uncover their Soul's mission in this lifetime.

By combining my education and clinical experience as a licensed psychotherapist, my training and certification as a life coach, and my divinely inspired gifts as a psychic medium, clairvoyant channel, aura reader, and intuitive energy healer, I help you align with your soul's highest potential. I help you to embrace your divine gifts, and to create a meaningful life experience...on your own terms.

Our work together is centered around your soul’s evolution and transformation. My mission is to create a sacred space and a safe container for you, which will support you while we unpack and reveal the deepest parts of you.

Aligning with the real you allows you to feel whole, and it's within the wholeness that true peace and happiness reside. Let me be the "soul coach" to help you move through the darkness, and find a new residence in the light that shines from within.


Soul Lesson & Past Life Clairvoyant Reading

Soul Lesson & Past life Clairvoyant session, Eva Fernandez

~ Appointment times opening soon. ~

A clairvoyant reading is a meaningful, intensive session where Eva uses her intuitive and psychic gifts to access information about your current soul lessons as well as any past life energy that may be interfering in your current relationships and circumstances.

Uncovering what is most important for you to hear so you can move forward, Eva will also tune into your energy and uncover any energetic patterns or disruptions that are contributing to your situation.

She will help to align and balance your energy with her shamanic practices and energetic healing tools as she receives guidance from your Spiritual court and soul.


Soul Shifting Session… coming soon

Soul Shifting Session, Align, evolve, transform, soul blueprint, akashic records

A 3 month Soul shifting plan is custom tailored between your Soul’s Guidance and direct information from Spirit, your guides, ancestors and hi-level being guides…