Divine Oracle Session with Angel of Emotions Clearing

Is life tough for you at the moment? Does it always feel like a struggle? If you are tired of feeling like you’re being swamped by emotions and worry, then a Divine Oracle Session with an Angel of Emotions clearing is just what you need.

A Divine Oracle Session will help you identify the root causes of your “problems.” You’ll be able to see what is really happening underneath the surface of the emotional circumstances you are experiencing.

The accompanying Angel of Emotions Clearing session will help relieve the painful or uncomfortable emotions you are experiencing. The session will allow you to move your current situation forward, while acting as a release valve for the pressure and stress you are experiencing.

The Angels of Emotions clearing part of this service will also allow you to experience a calming “time-out,” just for you. During this portion of the session, you can close your eyes and allow the world and all its problems to disappear, even if it's just for a short moment in time. The Angels of Emotion can help you forget about your pain and sorrow, and simply be in the moment.

Experience more love, joy, and peace in your life with Lois and the Angels!

Who will benefit from a Divine Oracle Session with Angel of Emotions Clearing?

You will benefit from a Divine Oracle Session with Angel of Emotions Clearing if

  • life is tough for you at the moment, and you really want some clarity and to experience relief.

  • everything in your world feels like a struggle.

  • you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and swamped by your emotions and the emotions of others.

  • you are overwhelmed with worry, sadness or despair.

or if you just want help understanding what your next best steps are for your life, career, relationships, etc..

No problem, no dilemma, no sorrow is too much for the Angels of Emotions to help you sort through.

What is a Divine Oracle Session & Angel of Emotions Clearing?

The goal of the Divine Oracle Session and Angel of Emotions Clearing, is that by the time we reach the end of your session, your problems will no longer appear as big, bad, or insurmountable as they once did.

Before I connect to you, I am always guided as to which cards will serve your highest good for the divination session. I will use beautiful Oracle Cards, ranging from Angelic Messenger Cards to Sacred Path Cards.

I also connect you to the Angels of Emotions and determine which one(s) will most serve you and want to come forth by drawing an Angel of Emotions Oracle card at the start of your session.

Then, using my own intuitive skills, I ask questions and we receive the clarity you need. I help you to find the answers you seek, so that you can make decisions in your life for your highest good.

The Angels of Emotions are amazing at getting problems to dissolve. They also do incredible work in the Aura, clearing away Energetic Imprints that aren't serving you. Within a very short period of time, they will offer you deeply calming and relaxing sensations.

Whether or not you receive a specific answer on how to resolve the situation you’re seeking guidance on, you will leave feeling so much better; feeling loved, nurtured, safe and supported.

One of the best things about these sessions is that you literally don't have to do anything but be willing to receive; receive the healing and the information. We have a brief conversation, we read and talk about your Oracle cards, and then you get to sit or lay down comfortably, for approximately 15- 25 minutes, while the Angels and I do the work.  

I promise, by the end of that time, you will feel more relaxed and able to cope with life's stressors.

Lois is extraordinary So very talented...Lois was calm & gentle & the angels calmed & settled me. I felt an immediate change in my body..an extraordinary calmness. Thank you Lois. You have an amazing gift.
— Robbie

Where, When and How?


There is very little for you to do before a session, except to focus on the areas of your life that you are needing clarity and direction with, and to think about what has caused you to need some guidance. It doesn’t have to be a “deep dive” just an awareness of what is going on. If you aren’t sure of what is going on, that’s OK, we will find it.


At the start of the session, you will be given the option of either focusing on a specific area of your life, and I will draw the Cards from there, or we can let the Cards start the story for you, (this option is great, if you have lots of things going on, and you aren’t sure where to start). You will receive “Ah Ha” moments, moments of clarity, and confirmation of what is going on in your life, the direction your life is taking, and what emotions are in play.

Once the Angel of Emotions work starts, you will start feeling a strong sense of peace or calm come over you, you may even receive more answers, and you will feel your energy starting to lift.


You will feel clearer and more focused, as you will have received clarity as to where to focus your attention in order to best achieve your dreams and desires. You will feel stronger and more energized, surrounded by a deep sense of calm, and as if old burdens no longer have the impact on you that they once did. You will feel that you can breathe again and that you are in charge of your life.

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Experience more love, joy, and peace in your life with Lois and the Angels!

Your healing includes:

  • Card pull of 3-5 Oracle Cards. Cards will be drawn from a variety of Oracle decks. Lois will channel the messages and deliver practical advice regarding each Card.

  • Angels of Emotions Aura Healing to help lift out any trapped emotions and or memories that were identified during the Card Reading.

  • Audio and video recordings will be sent to you after the Session, giving you the ability to continue your healing progress with the Angels of Emotions.