Distance Intuitive Healing & Reiki

Are you ready to make magic happen?

Whether you are receiving an intuitive reading or an energy healing, when we work together, I connect with you on a soul-to-soul level and create something magical.  

Who will benefit from Distance Intuitive Healing & Reiki?

You will benefit from a Distance Intuitive Healing & Reiki Session if...

  • you are experiencing recurring symptoms or an ongoing illness, but believe feel there is something more to it than meets the eye.

  • you feel stuck or blocked and believe this blockage is holding you back.

  • you've been feeling ungrounded, scattered and wish you could be more focused.

  • you're experiencing difficulty moving on from an emotional upset, and longing to feel like yourself again.

  • you feel pulled in too many directions and want to find a way to get back on track.


Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...

Energy is Everything...

Distance Intuitive Healing & Reiki is for deep spiritual or energetic healing. These sessions provide great insight into what’s truly happening on all levels.

I begin by connecting with Spirit and voice channel answers to questions about your situation, seeking advice on how to bring about balance for you.

I then connect to you, soul-to-soul and scan your energetic and physical body for any other blockages or imbalances that might need work. Once that’s complete I call upon your Spirit Guides and my own, as well Archangels, Ascended Masters & Beings of Light while I sit in meditation and act as a conduit sending you Divine healing energy remotely. I use Usui Reiki and Prana Mudra to send you beautiful healing energy across the ethers and close the session with a Oneness Blessing.

While it isn’t necessary for you to be tuning in from your side during our session, you are more than welcome to. Many people have noted sensations, lights and sounds from across the miles during their healing session. It is entirely up to you.

When the session is over, I compile a personalized report for you, sharing my findings and any recommendations for your continued self-care and healing. 

Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...  

Where, When and How?

Before the Reading

I offer a free 15 minute consult to see if this healing session is right for you. If it is, I will send you an invitation to schedule an appointment. Upon scheduling, I will send you an email with a questionnaire about what your goals are for our session. I will ask if you have questions and where you would like insight. This questionnaire will need to be returned to me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment so I am well prepared to give you the best experience possible

During the Reading

During the session you can sleep, shop, watch tv, work, wash dishes, whatever you would normally do. Or you can choose to attend the session energetically. Some people do. Many people who do find that they experience sensations, hear sounds or see colors, but not all have this experience. If you do choose to attend energetically I suggest that you find a nice, quiet spot to relax in.

On my end, I begin by putting myself in a trance-like state to voice channel and receive answers and guidance regarding your appointment. This part of the session is recorded. Once this is done, I take a short break and then after a prayer I do an energetic scan of your body looking for imbalances or blockages. I then sit in meditation for the next 45-60 minutes and send you Divine healing energy.

After the Reading

Afterwards, you may feel lighter and brighter - that is how I refer to it. Colors seem more vibrant and things look crisper. This often happens when your vibration is raised. You may find yourself happier and laughing and that is wonderful!

On my end I am taking a break before compiling my notes to create a report with my findings and suggestions. I will also edit the recording of the voice channeling so you get just the answers and no dead air. You will receive this in 2-4 business days.

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Get your body, mind and spirit back on track. A Distance Intuitive Healing and Reiki Session will raise your vibration and leave you feeling fabulous.

Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...  

Your healing includes:

  • An MP3 recording of my personal voice channeling session regarding you and your needs.  

  • A customized report that will have all my notes regarding what imbalances I came across as I scanned you, what chakras were slow, which ones were opened excessively, or which ones you may have pulled in tight as a self-preservation mechanism and any other findings.

  • The report will also give suggestions of things you can do on your end to continue healing and help you stay aligned. There might be suggestions for different crystals, meditations, books, dietary variations and more.

If there is something you need clarity with, you can always send an email for a quick follow up answer.